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Feedback and reflection for Week 1 w/c 19.09

Week 1: Unit 3:w/c 19.09: Skills – How to become a Director


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Week 1 :Unit 4: w/c: 19.9 :Semiology

The subject we had focused on was semiology today, which is known as the study of signs. Semiology is based around using certain colours, props and  locations e.g. to either set the scene, showing what each of the many characters are like and bring a message or meaning a crossed to the audience. Before you know the character’s name  you straightaway get the sense of what their personality is like this is an important thing to look at whether you are producing a film or TV show.

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Week 1: Unit 1: w/c :19.9:Framing and composition

During today’s session, I had learned about the different camera angles that are used in the production of  films. Through this, I gained more skills and knowledge towards using framing to portray emotions or body language onto the screen.

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Week 1: w/c 19.9:Unit 2: Research plan

Today’s subject was based upon, the steps you have to go through to research within the basis of planning for a film production whether that is for  genre like documentary’s or action e.g.

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