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Unit 2 LO 3.1

Week 9-10 :Hallo Project

Project proposal : project-proposal

Final product :

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Week 7:Unit 2:w/c: 14.11:Research Plan : Editing

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Week 5/6:Unit 2: w/c 31.10:Production Research Plan

Throughout this week we focused on what needs to be thought about when producing a  production of a Film or TV show works and what you need to have for this whether that is researching where to find unused police cars and are able to hire them to what building would look similar to one in a scene from a film to understand the different types of websites and prices.

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Week 4:Unit 2 : w/c: 10 October: Research and project (cameras)

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Week 3:Unit 2:w/c 3.10:Research plan: Sound Foley

During todays task, we looked at the research through Sound Foley whether that was how to be one or a famous Foley artist that may become an influence to the tasks I will complete during this week.

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Week 2 : w/c 26.9:Unit 2: Research Plan (Lighting)

The main focus for this week is lighting, so for this task, we were asked to produce a research plan to find information for the subject, but only choosing one subject out of the five given  or one that we have thought of ourselves.

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Week 1: w/c 19.9:Unit 2: Research plan

Today’s subject was based upon, the steps you have to go through to research within the basis of planning for a film production whether that is for  genre like documentary’s or action e.g.

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