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Week 2: Unit 6:w/c 9/01 Visual Skills

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Feedback and reflection week 1 (Project 2)

Week 1:Unit 7: w/c 2/1/17: Social Media report

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Evidence document

Here is my Evidence document : carla-binder-evidence-document

Feedback and reflection for week 10 w/c 5.12

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Week 9-10 :Hallo Project

Project proposal : project-proposal

Final product :

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Feedback and reflection week 7

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Week 7: Unit 3: w/c 14.11: Working practices

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Week 7:Unit 4:w.c.14.11: Representation

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Week 7:Unit 2:w/c: 14.11:Research Plan : Editing

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Feedback and reflection for Week 6 w/c 07.11

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Week 6:Unit 1:w/c:7.11:Slating & Lighting

Slating – What is slating?

Slating is another word for  a clapper board, this is used for many purposes such as for cutting sound and to mark in and out of  the video as well a slate can also be useful to make everyone aware that the shoot is about to start.

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Feedback and reflection for Week 5 w/c 05.11

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Week 5:Unit 1: w/c 31.10:Introduction to editing

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Week 5/6:Unit 2: w/c 31.10:Production Research Plan

Throughout this week we focused on what needs to be thought about when producing a  production of a Film or TV show works and what you need to have for this whether that is researching where to find unused police cars and are able to hire them to what building would look similar to one in a scene from a film to understand the different types of websites and prices.

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Formative Feedback Weeks 1-4

Week 4 : w/c :10 October Feedback and Reflection

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Week 4:Unit 1: w/c :10.october: Camera

During today’s task, we focused on the various shot descriptions, that we use during film whether that is showing the dialogue or showing a different emotion by that technique.

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Week 4 : Unit 3: W/c 10 october: How to become a Camera Man

There are so many roles within in using the camera during the media industry as these are the people who create the flow of the film or television show and brings the storyboard to life.

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Week 4:Unit 4 :w/c 10 October: Theory (Narrative)

What is a narrative?

It is the story and how it is told whether that is through a narrator or going back to the past before the story starts it gives the audience background so then the  story can continue.

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