Pre production

This week was where I continued on with my pre-production in which I completed various pieces such as calculating the budget together, script, shooting script and various other pieces too.This would able me to collect equipment needed and with this, it enabled me to be ahead of the schedule which was useful for the production schedule.

Here is the pre-production pack that I had put together which includes every detail and paperwork required.


Production schedule:

This production schedule is showing weeks between 1/05/17 -19/06/17 this replicates each cast and crew member needs to be as well as allocating when each task should be done before or during production.


This Budget calculates everything they I would need if I producing a high standard short film so then it gives me more realism about the pricing if it was  trying to commission my short film to gather funding together this is what I will have to produce for the commissioners or production studios to understand how much I would need to raise or have to complete the short film.

Risk assessment:

Whilst creating this I thought about the surroundings of each location such as Dungeness and the first scene I found out that I had a lot of risks that I had to be aware of. However, it created more awareness and understanding of the precautions I will need to take. For example Dungeness there’s the warning of having natural habitats and plants around this area so I will have to be careful with making sure I won’t be filming on it as well as someone’s private land too.


My storyboard is an outline on the shots I will be reflecting in production with where the lighting will be and where I will need sound too.However, in post production, certain things might change with the way it’s edited or more things may be added on to create more of a dramatic feel that I originally planned for.


The script is only used for shots 9 to 14 to show the characters two minds and reflects what people in general think or are beginning to think like. I produced this so then the actor gets an understanding of what I want them to say and how I want them to portray the character.

Recce Assessment (Location recce):

This is for analyzing and making sure that all locations chosen are suitable for the scenes and equipment used and to understand where the positioning of the equipment would be and if you can cancel out the sound and positioning of the camera too.

Call sheet:

This call sheet is a description of where each crew and cast member should arrive on set and there personal and emergency contacts and requirements for each location and each day. This was quick to produce as I could refer to the schedule and previous call sheets that have been created.

Shooting script:

The shooting script is more a descriptive storyboard for the director to understand how to get the actors to portray the characters through explaining the action, dialogue, and action of camera movement.


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