Week Six- 3.1

During this week I focused unit 2.2 on presenting my pitch to my tutors to see what they thought about my idea and for them to assess how far I have gotten my pre-production too. As well as thinking about how I am going to complete my production on time.

My first task was to present my pitch which was showing to my tutors how I’m going to complete my short experimental film and why I want to create it. I believe this presentation went well although I do think it did take quite long when I presented my pitch. However, I  achieved what I wanted it to be like which was good and I am not needing to do it all over again. As this was being filmed I did feel nervous at first but it ended up becoming more of a conversation on than a pitch though.

Pitch fmp yr 1

The next task was to start and finish my Pre-production pack in which I found really easy to do as it was mainly based on researching what I needed and why I wanted certain props or characters within my film and to get it all planned out ready for next week. This pre-production pack is nearly finished however, I just need to add my storyboard to it so then it will be fully completed and ready for people to look at. It did take longer than expected at first but I have finished before the deadline which is so much better than panicking about it on the day.

Overall, this week I have enjoyed it as this involves researching and planning out my production process. It was all in on time with extra work and equipment collected too ready for next week. The pre-production and pitch went really well and I didn’t have to do this again as well.



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  1. Jenni giving Formative Feedback for unit 8


    This is a very comprehensive post, that clearly demonstrates an excellent understating of the media industry and the context in which productions happen. You have demonstrated your knowledge with a clearly and accessible pictography.


    You have produced some very interesting, independently sourced research. That clearly demonstrates some sustained research. Your post could benefit from individual introductions and conclusions to each different area of research. I know you have a conclusion at the end , but I want to know, and you need to show specifically what each piece of research provided you with. Say why you are doing it, say what you got from it, and say how you are going to use it in your project.


    This reads as incomplete Carla? You have written out questions with no answers, and there are unfinished sentences. Read what I have written for 2.1 and ensure that the post is complete asap. Please let me know when it is done.

    Missing. You should have done your pre-production pack before you started filming. Can you please post this asap.

    You must change from saying FMP to saying Extended Project please. And ensure you call the posts by the names detailed on the checklist.


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