Week Three- 1.1: reflection and evaluation

During this week we focused on unit 1.1 as we are doing a unit per a week with various tasks needing to be completed which mainly included analyzing and making us understand the things we need to include within our paperwork, blogs, and final major project.

The first thing I had to do was be introduced to the first task which was about the requirements and standards needed for the project.I found this really good to complete although I used I different method by using a website called piktochart to create this on, I knew my way around it as I had used this before on my previous pieces of work given to me.Overall from this task, I really enjoyed being creative with it and researching the different film festivals that I may want to go and see as well as considering to enter my future short film into them as well.

The next task I focused on was looking at the different types of equipment I would need to use so then it helps me with the visuals and to put the whole entire film together. Equipment such as a Steadicam, tripod, and Softwares e.g. As well as explaining it I also compared the two different software’s Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro CC which are two that are usually hard to compete with as many films such as Deadpool and gone girl have used premiere pro, however, star wars: rogue one used avid and that what I was comparing I found this task easy to do and research.Furthermore I went onto which was about the target audience i had chosen for my project with going into the demographics and Psychometrics of the typical people who would watch my film. They’re hobbies,values,age and gender e.g. through this i also created a infographic to represent my four different profiles.

I then went onto my next task which was on the various job roles that are within a production team throughout each of the three stages pre production,production and post production as well as looking at the career pathway and what three of the job roles entail and looking at a person that does that role in the industry already.Which I found really interesting to look at others who have already had that experience that all of us are going to have hopefully in the future and to see how they got into the industry themselves.The next task was about the legal requirement and health and safety for some reason I found this more difficult I think it was the fact that i haven’t had much experience with looking at copyright only through Harvard referencing and using license agreements in videos I have been apart of outside of college. But I did learn some new things about what I should use and how i should use it.However, I already knew about the health and safety and how to go about it as this was good to find out what to else to think about too.

Overall, This week was very hectic with so many tasks to do and making work for myself to much which was good but bad at the same time, I did really enjoy being creative and researching into all of the various tasks given.


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