Week Three-1.1

This week was focused on unit 1.1 which included doing serval various tasks in which we can analyze and think about what we are going to include in our final major projects such as what equipment will we be using and how will it benefit us. Each task is shown in an infographic or presentation as I thought this is more presentable and suits each task such as creating an audience profile so then we can understand what our audience would be like.

Task 1: How my final major project links in within the media industry:

The first thing we done was overlook the requirements of the media industry and where our final major projects would fit into such as where would we show it? whether our work would be independent or mainstream and who would we sell it to if we could or what production company would we want to commission it to? There were many things to consider through this I had shown my findings and thoughts about it with an infographic.



Task 2: What equipment will I be using:

After this task was completed I was onto the next which was analyzing what equipment and technology I might need and why for my final major project this could be the software or camera I might need to use as well as on some comparing software’s to which one is best to use. Through this, I have created an infographic on a website called Piktochart which I found really easy to use.


Task 3: Analysis of Target Audiences:

Within this task, we looked at what builds up a character profile and what you will need to think about when coming up with a target audience that will go with the platform your posting it on and also the type of film an age group or hobbies might want to watch. Using demographics and psychometrics which then can show this within more detail.


Age – How old will they be:

Gender- Will the product be for a specific gender or both?

Income- How much money do they own, will it effect who watches this?

Education- What type of education did or do they have could this be relatable more for someone that’s a student or that has been in uni?

Occupation- Could this affect their job, or is it just about it or the traits that come with it?

Psychometrics: How the audience thinks:

Values – What do they believe in could it be religion or certain cultures.

Attitudes- They’re personality are they passionate, like technology?

Lifestyle- what are they’re hobbies?


Task 4: Job Analysis

This task was to research job roles that you would need within a production however, I have only chosen a member that is crucial to be a part of for each of the three stages within completing a film although there are many other job roles they are all as important as each other but these are the three that sometimes don’t get as recognised as a director or cast.


Task 5: Legal requirements and Health and Safety:

Within a task, this was about the legal requirements and health and safety precautions that I will need to think about when planning out my ideas to make sure also that each piece of equipment will be handled properly and that each location will be suitable for my production to and what paperwork is needed too.



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