Progression week : FMP reflection and evaluation

This week was focused on gathering our three initial ideas together and create our mission statement this was another week that was really creative in which I really enjoyed through being able to use other ways for producing various tasks that are needed for my coursework in a different form rather than just using analysing or writing on our blogs to show our creative thoughts.As well as getting our thoughts out into the open with our ideas for our final major project which was good to look through ones that would be successful to create a short film that I’m proud and motivated to create and which shows the best of my ability through what I have learned previously and improve on.

Through having many ideas that was in my mind and putting down onto paper really helped me layout ones that I could easily be passionate and motivated about creating rather than focusing on how much people would like it.It was more about if it’s a subject or type of film that could impact a person even if it was just one at least I know I done something to improve it somehow.

As we only had two days during the week at college we did have a shorter time doing this, however, it was enough to go through the ideas I like and that would be better as a serparate project from college to create individually too.

The second thing I had to do was create and mission but it wasn’t about describing what I want it was about what I believe in and how my passions will evolve around my ideas and my project.

Overall I really enjoyed this week and I can’t wait to continue on with finding new ideas and discover more about what interests me and others within society and what needs to be an awareness within society and the eye of the public.


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