Week one FMP: Feedback and reflection

This week was the introduction to my Final major project, first of all, we looked at a documentary which was focused on the researching of Grayson perry for creating pieces of artwork based on the three different types of social class, working class, middle class and upper class around the country and goes through the different stages of the pre-production,production and post-production so then we as a class could get an understanding of how to incorporate some of his researching methods into our own for the final major project.

We thought out various methods before we go onto creating our ideas or even thinking about it, to start off with we got asked to look at the many things we have learnt throughout the weeks whether that’s personal or practical these are things that will influence us into what type of film or materials to use within our final majors.

With this, I used a website called Piktochart which then I created an infographic whether that will be shown as a timeline or certain sentences on my skills and various projects I have done within the first year of Film and television. I really enjoyed doing this as it allows me to be creative but in another way through graphics and digital which was really good to mix it in with showing my ideas for the film.

Piktochart was frustrating at first as it kept on freezing however, I got there in the end with using another computer or if not refreshing the page as it was created through an internet server.

The next thing we had done was very similar to what we had taken on at the start of the year which was creating a poster or piece of art based on who we are but in less detail than we have to do this time round. This was another task I really liked as I was thinking about it, it made me discover other experiences that have influenced me to become who I am and why I want to go into the film and television industry.Even if it was through my heritage it’s still inspired the passion I have for sharing my voice and others to the public. This week was one of my favorites because of how differently creative it is and it enables yourself to explore more ideas and way to make the project to be thoroughly thought out.


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