Progression Week: FMP

This week we went through the various ideas I may have and had to come up with 3 so then, we can see which one we might like best rather than just setting our hearts on one idea that might not end up working.

The first thing we were done was work on our three initial ideas which were, adulthood, obsession with technology and our health care system within NHS and how it’s effecting us. Here is a description of each idea:

How the world became obsessed with technology?

The concept of my idea is going through the different eras of technology with creating an experimental film on how we have become more obsessed with it as it immerses us from the real world we end up missing moments in life that could be important. Relationships or friendships slip away and technology takes over an invest more into it, although its incredible of what we have created, however, there’s beginning to be isolation in our lives more than ever. I want to make this because it will make people think about what is happening and be letting them look in from the outside of the world of technology instead of being a part of it. As it’s about creating awareness the skill within this will be Camera, editing, and Audio as I want to show my capability throughout all of the areas I have learned within my Film and TV course. My target Audience will be16-year-oldss to 25-year-olds although the age can vary with the people that are addicted to technology I believe this ages group is the most frequent as we have all been brought up with it one way or another. I will be researching this with taking photographs of the various pieces of technology but I will be mainly focusing on our interaction in general so I will be taking images of people with the different social interactions and way to do so through technology and to create the certain scenes I will be asking people their views on how the world has become obsessed with technology so then I will create relatable situations to keep interest for the audience. Another part of my research will be asking for archive footage whether that’s in films or adverts that use different pieces of technology.

Adulthood: Time to grow up

I want to create a documentary about going into adulthood and how it changes within the expectations our generation has in comparison to the 80’s and 90’s.I want to know about people’s experiences going into adulthood whether that’s this generation or the elder. I believe it’s important sharing people’s stories and opinions to make people realize that there, not the only ones that had to go through it. As everyone I’m sure has experienced in a different way. The skills I would be using is Camera and editing. As for the interviewing and cutaways, I will have to make sure they are interesting and the editing to make the interviews, not too boring get them go straight to the point. With them showing home videos or photographs to go with what they are saying. My target audience will be 17 to 25-year-olds as this is the age where we grow up and go into adulthood. I will be doing research through asking various ages and maybe emailing historians and research on websites to help me understand even more about it.

Is our health care doing enough for our country?

We all experience going to the hospital one way or another but within the news what occurring more is the need for more money needing to be put into the system as we begin to run out of beds more strikes are being held from student doctors because the healthcare system may not be building enough hospitals or having enough doctors for appointments. I want to create this documentary to investigate for myself and for other people to see what it is really like in a Uk hospital or an experience from the many critical patients that have been canceled or turned down because of the money within the health care system. I will be focusing on skills such as visuals mainly and the editing as within documentaries these are the most important things to create a smooth outlook on the short film. My Target Audience would be interested in the Uk’s healthcare system and how our hospitals run the age would be 25 years old to 40 years old as these are most likely to have an interest in these type of topics. I’m planning to research this through looking at various case studies, doctors and maybe the local or UK healthcare minister or mp.

The next thing we had to create was our mission for this project but not to describe what we want more so on what we believe in.

My mission

Sharing Stories to change the perception of the world we live in today.

My vision is to bring passionate, motivated stories together and share them. I believe in giving people a voice within this world even if it’s one person that listens, it’s one that could change an opinion or view on a subject. A film is a way of communicating to all generations and attracts people’s attention in respecting or raising awareness on other issues that not many of us consider.







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