Week one : FMP

This week was the introduction to our final major project so then we slowly think about what we want to do and make sure it’s powerful enough and one that we believe in.

Grayson Perry: All in the best possible taste: Episode One

The first thing we done was watch part one of a documentary about British artist Grayson Perry which was about him investigating into the British test within different social classes and the various ways he researched into this before creating his mural so then we could find out other ways to go around researching to come up with your idea and final product.


  • Looking at working class taste in Sunderland:
  • What is working class
  • Taking photographs to what could inspire you or help with your project.
  • Asking you subject you basing it on
  • be in their shoes, experiencing  it for yourself
  • Exploring the taste of men and women in Sunderland


  • Shows off they’re masculinity.
  • Cars
  • Spending a lot of money tattoos and cars.


  • Fake tan
  • Bigger hair
  • between the classy and tacky.

Info graphic:

The next thing we had to do was create an info graphic or something similar which was created to show what we have learned before and after the course of Film and television.

Such as Visuals, Audio, lighting, edit and various projects I have done already so then I know what skills I could show when creating my final major project. I believe the poster turned out the way I wanted it to, with putting so much effort into making the info graphic and showing how I have learned and what I have learned throughout my course so far whether that is personal or skill based.

I used Piktochart for the first time which I found in the end easy to get around as the icons were already created which was easier for me to create the style and info graphic with what I wanted to say so there was no limited characters or style I could have it so it was very flexible the only negative I would say is when working on the windows computer when clicking on one of the tools to change the colour of a logo or text it kept on freezing or that window popping up with anything I use.

Here’s the final info graphic:


Who am I?


The next task was to go more in-depth like we did at the very start of this course and explain who we are through pictures and text throughout influences, inspiration, experiences, and lifestyle so what has affected or influenced me to create the type of films I create or what has made my personality.

I used the online software that I used for my infographic as I really liked the style they used of the website as its useful for any kind of media whether that’s just a poster in which I used it for or a leaflet.

Here’s the explanation for each of the images on why I have put certain images and texts on this poster to represent who I am:

Having a voice:

I have chosen to insert this word into my poster because if I didn’t have a voice I wouldn’t have the freedom to create the films I want to create or even have my opinion on some of the issues that I care about.

An image that represents the middle of nowhere, as if I didn’t live in the middle of no where I wouldn’t be able to want as much independence as possible because I always have to rely on my parents rather than have my own responsibility such as public transport. But the positive side is that it allowed me to be more imaginative as a kid so it sparked that creativity that I still have today.

Image of a gig : For me this image represents a moment at a gig I went to and it was a thing I would remember through me feeling like I could do the impossible as it was one of those experience that it felt like time had frozen and it gave me more confidence and built a bigger personality through meeting new people too.

A guy on a wire in-between two buildings (Philippe Petit) : As he is one of my inspiration that I look up to because of what he had done which was tight roping in-between the twin towers in New York and no matter how unrealistic it seemed to other people he still made it work and when he was on top of the wire there were police there each side ready to arrest him but instead of surrendering he just repeatedly crossing over and turning back around until he’s feet bled because he felt like he was in the moment and one thing that he would never do again.

Poster ( Origins) – This was a big part of boosting my confidence in my own work and for me to understand that I may belong into the industry. This was a massive impact into proving to people that I can do it too and was one of my first achievements for my work.

Camera links with ‘When my dad first taught me how to use a camera” –

This is the first time I started to begin to use a camera as I remember it was when I kept on asking my dad to use his video camera so he ended up teaching me whilst we were on holiday and since then I have been into taking photographs and filming even if they were home videos as its progressed.

‘Ever since I was younger I always wanted to do something within the arts’ – This statement explain that even when I was 5 years old I always wanted to be in front of the camera whether that was through learning how to dance at the age of 6 or starting drama classes at 8 years old.

Adventure – I’m the type of person that likes adventure and get my adrenaline pumping  through me doing this it has allowed me to think outside the box and try to get out my comfort zone a bit more than many people would like to.

BBC Three: As Documentaries is the type of films I would like to get into and this channel was the first channel I watched the type of documentaries such as Reggie Yates undercover or Stacey Dooley investigates.

Aeroplane – replicates a meaning behind it which is a plane is one that goes from one place to another without stopping and that’s one of the things I do I never stop until I get there.

Three of the different flags each represent a place of where each of the various family members live around the world and it represents through this it has created heritage from the different influences of places I want to go and see now or how much I want to travel if not.

Independence & limitations: With me having limitations and independence it has wanted me to give my opinion a crossed and has made me gain more interest in politics and creating or boosting more awareness within issues that have effected me or other people and other people’s stories to as I find it interesting on how diverse people are whether that’s their experiences or personalities.

BFI Film Academy – This was another opportunity that was given to me and it had allowed me to meet the many people who have inspired or influenced me through my films or beliefs such as producer, Simon Chinn and  Presenter/Journalist Stacey Dooley.

The various images of my family and friends – With these images it represents more people that have influenced me with their different stories or creativeness that helps me come up with ideas.

Emily Pankhurst – She was the founder of the suffragette and was one of the woman’s part of the women’s rights movement for getting the right for women to vote she’s another one of my influences as she done what she believed in no matter how many people might not of believed in it.

Oscar statue: This represents two experiences that are again related to film however, they were times that have definitely stuck out, the first one is when I had the oppotunity to hold an oscar which was a incredible experince ecspecially as a filmmaker its a dream to hold one. Another one was when I was 13 years old i watched it for the first time and as each one came up to collect there award on the television I could see I became overwhelmed and as soon as I was all of a sudden thinking I want to be up on that stage one day i ended up straightaway  researching the different types of jobs you could have in the industry to get there.

The various hands and words – These are all the words that represent for what I stand for or believe in.

The edge of America ( Florida) – This was another time when I experinced when I went through the backlots of universal studios and I rember everytime  I found something intresting I kept on asking my parents or tour guide and even some of the questions I came out with even he didnt know.







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