Week 8/9: The scene

This week and last week was about focusing and preparing us for our next project which is called the scene where you produce a 1-minute video of your type but based on the theme friendship. This entails the pre-production, production, and post-production of this project before my final major project is produced.

Project proposal: UAL Project Proposal for Friendship 2017

Final product:

The communication report:

I am going to use video and voice over to portray my idea through the various words that will be associated with words associated with the identity or social status being heard throughout the one minute video.As the idea is based on social status and to try to making people think about a thing that is a big thing in society today.Although you do see many multimedia objects on this type of issue it’s still not making a big impact.

The reason why I didn’t choose another type of film to use to represent my idea is because if I had done a documentary or comedy it wouldn’t give a greater effect and focus point as creating an experimental short film.

Concept: I am not a robot

The idea for my scene project is to base the short film on friendship but with more of a meaning than creating a narrative on becoming best friends instead I wanted to show the meaning before even any of that unfolds, Social status. It’s one that is a big thing that you always hear about but in my view, it doesn’t show or give enough impact for anyone to go that is what really happens in this world to create more awareness of a naturally grown thing that is shown through everyone. I will focus on the visuals showing the explanation of the voice over and be making sure everything that is said is in relation to a quote I used which was,”I thought you were a human, not a robot”.

What I want to focus on during my project:

I want to focus on the cinematics and editing of this project to show my skills that I have learned throughout my course so far whether that’s the lighting, how to use new equipment such as a Steadicam. As I believe the visuals are the way it will reflect and give more of an impact on the subject whilst the voices over gives questions or words throughout the short film.

Research plan:


What you look for when Analysing a scene:

  • Shots
  • Movement
  • Angle
  • The way it edited
  • Pace
  • Style
  • The sequence
  • Jump cuts
  • Transition
  • Mise en scene
  • Genre
  • Narrative
  • Lighting
  • Colour
  • Sound

Analysis scene:

Special date: one-minute short film

(Brughmans, 2013)

  • From a guy’s perspective, preparing himself, movement very fast pace during walking in between him getting ready in the bathroom then goes slower within messaging the person. The music is very upbeat and shows the protagonists emotions from his pace when he walks to the song itself.
  • The volume stays the same there is some sound effects with the shower to opening the door.
  • The shots and angles are based around his actions that he does rather than anything else.
  • Quick ending.
  • Bathroom, very vibrant natural lighting added until he goes in the computer which they have used mostly natural lighting and the way they have positioned the camera makes it looks like it’s the mirror.
  • Same angle in the bathroom edited so then it’s shorter.
  • Foley hair spray, hair dryer & Doors creaking.
  • Some angles point of view.
  • Artificial and natural lighting

Misplaced:1-minute short film

(“MISPLACED” 1-Minute Short Film, 2015)

  • Various different shots
  • With the music it shows the confusion
  • Black and white.
  • Using tungsten lighting.
  • Using shots from point of view.
  • High angle shots.
  • Over the shoulder.
  • Harsh lighting with shadow being noticeable.
  • Music changes at the end.
  • Feels tension can confuse storyline of what’s going to happen.
  • Quite choppy
  • Shows he’s getting ready to go out and is about to leave until he can’t find his phone.
  • Too many shots used, gets too fussy.
  • With the jazz music it shows confusion.
  • Editing’s quite fast pace.
  • Shows all of the movements and sets the shot change within the location.
  • Hints that the phone might be missing.


  • What I need to research:
  • How to use a Stedi cam?
  • The inspirations? Locations – location recce
  • Various effects on avid
  • How to get to the locations
  • How much would it cost if it was a big production?
  • The various headlines or studies on social status
  • Short films that are similar?

Primary research:

  • I will ask Stephen how to use a Steadicam if as well as using secondary research to look at videos for this too.
  • I will go to the locations where I will be shooting my video.
  • I will also look to see if there is any risks at the shoot.
  • Test the different spaces for time lapses.

Secondary research:

  • The contact for Ashford County square for the time-lapse.
  • Short film analyze them.
  • Look at films or music videos that have similar effects that I want to use within my video.
  • Search up the locations and show them on. (Use google maps)
  • How to use a Stedi cam – look at tutorials on YouTube
  • Studies on social status – look up on google
  • How to create various effects on avid – look up videos on YouTube or websites.

The contact for Ashford County square:

Service/company Contact number Email
Ashford Borough council 01233 330838 email customer.care@ashford.gov.uk
County square Ashford 01233 634001 enquiries@countysquareashford.co.uk

(Ashford.gov.uk, 2017)

(Square, 2017)

Short films that have got similar ideas or takes on the way I want to shoot it:

– Human rag n bone man (effect for scene 6)

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.40.16.png

(Rag’n’Bone Man – Human (Official Video), 2016)

How to create a messaging effect in after effects:

 Tutorial on text  messaging

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.49.09.png

(Text Messaging in Video – Tutorial, 2016)

 Text message VFX

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.49.53.png

(Brain, 2016)

How to make an iphone text message effect

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.51.34.png

(How To Make An iPhone Text Message Effect, 2015)

Testing the messaging effect

Test 1 messaging transition-

Final opening sequence:

How to use steadi cam videos :

How to use a Steadicam

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.53.34.png

(Vaughan, 2016)

Glidecam Tutorial: Balancing the Glidecam with your DSLR

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.54.25.png

(Thomson, 2015)

Glidecam Tutorial: How to operate a Glidecam with you DSLR

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.55.08.png

(Thomson, 2015)

Locations –

Springfield’s old Ashford road

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.34.54

(England,Street View, 2009)

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.34.31

(Chapel Row Brenzett Romney Marsh, n.d.)

Directions from home – County square shopping center

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.30.30

(Directions from Brenzett – COUNTY SQUARE Ashford, 2017)

Direction from  Ashford county square– Victoria Park, Ashford

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.40.43

(Directions from Brenzett – COUNTY SQUARE Ashford, 2017)

Ashford highstreet (county square)

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.32.16

(High St, Ashford, England, 2012)

Victoria park, Ashford

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.40.27

(Turner, 2016)


The next thing we had done was the paperwork as I had collaborated my idea which is about commenting on the social status and problems within society which can affect friendships.

Permission for filming at Ashford County square:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.57.32Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.57.11

The project proposal: UAL Project Proposal for Friendship 2017

Paperwork: Schedule and paper work social status





Production diary:


On Monday was the production day of the scene project, I went to serval locations which were to film my short film and another student project too. As the entire of the video was filmed in one day from 8 am to 8 pm at night.Luckily I had the email from Ashford county square to have permission to film there which then gave me a heads up to be able to film my time-lapse there as I did if not have another location if it didn’t work out.

First shot:

The first place I went to was filming at my house which was the last shot of short film which was based around one of the effects used in the music video for rag n bone man’s song Human. so I gathered a 3 people and used them in the shot so then I could test it out in which I did a couple of times before going to the next location.

Second shot:

Although this was filmed not in order it still worked out, the next location was a county square, Ashford in which took around 30 minutes to film. As this was to be used for a time-lapse after the first shot in the short film. so we had put the tripod and camera in the centre of the high street outside and had recorded serval time lapses each one around 4 minutes each just in case something went wrong as it can easily show throughout using a time-lapse in a video.

Third shot:

Then I went to victoria park with Elisa to film the first shot of the girl walking up to the camera with using the Steadicam and the sun flare going into the shot to make it look dramatic.However, although I tried to equal out the Steadicam it still didn’t work as well I still used it but not as well as I thought I would have.

Fourth shot:

The next scene needed to then be filmed in the dark as I was going to use the light of the computer screen to make the scene seem more dramatic as the camera moves closer and closer to the screen in which I just used my camera and the glare from the computer to film this.

Fifth shot:

Another scene which was I think the easiest scene I had filmed which was using the front camera of an iPhone and filming the face of the subject with still using the computer glare and adding the reflection to her glasses which in my opinion made it more interesting.

On a Monday night, I then had started to edit the short film already by using after effects to create the opening sequence so then it was ready to edit with the rest of the footage at college on Tuesday.

Evaluation :

My project this term will be a short experimental film  called I am not a robot this will be about, social status and how we are all brought up to be put into categories rather than mixing with other minorities, quote religion, race or sometimes gender e.g. in which all of these things affect friendships and it how they are grown or torn apart.It’s the thing that creates an interest or piece of identity that we carry with us. For this project, I will be focusing on the visuals and message for this video so then the audience will understand the reason why I have used this subject that connects with the theme friendship. I had a couple of influences one for the last effect which is from music artist Rag n Bone Mans Human official music video, my other one quote in which I found on a t-shirt which said “I thought you were a human, not a robot” as this expresses how social status does really effect us as we begin to follow people rather than being ourselves.My target audience is aimed at 16-20-year-olds in UK society today and people who use social media, as this video would relate to them. I will research the different ways to create a text messaging effect on after effects, how to use a steady cam, what effect I may need and also the contact for the location I will need permission to film at and the various directions of locations to one another. During this production, I will be using a Sdlr camera, zoom mic for recording the voice over and typing, tripod to stabilize the camera if using still.

I will research the different ways to create a text messaging effect on after effects, how to use a steady cam, what effect I may need and also the contact for the location I will need permission to film at and the various directions of locations to one another. During this production, I will be using a Sdlr camera, zoom mic  for recording the voice over and typing, tripod to stabilize the camera if using still shots, small led light to boost lighting a definition to use as a key light when in neutral or dark natural light, I also used a Steadicam to use for movement shots such as the beginning of the short films and mid to create a smooth and cleaner look to the certain shots I will be using it in.


There were a few challenges throughout the day of the production such as the limited amount of time with having two films to do at the same time was a difficult situation however, we resolved it by planning out what specific scenes and locations we can make the most of and what type of lighting we need for the time of day we need to film certain shots at. Another challenge was balancing the Steadicam as I decided for my project to challenge myself more through adding in a piece of equipment I have never used before I thought this would be in good use. But I did find it pretty tricky to balance and use when on location filming, I did find a solution through just putting my fingertips lightly on it to help balance it a bit more instead of just using the handle on it. However next time I will practice more so then I could maybe use it for my next project. The next one was filming my last shot which was another challenge

The next one was filming my last shot which was another challenge I did give myself to do this was the effect of randomizing and combining faces together at a quick pace and same position, this didn’t go to plan as much as i  thought it would go with having different heights or head shape or position of where they stood it didn’t create much of an effect. Which did frustrate me as I did mark exactly where each of them needs to stand and where the tripod should be in width and level with the heads so then it would look the same.But when going into the edit not all of them matched so i had to use less footage on the over lapse than originally planned to use.

The editing was easier than on my last project as I had gained more practice,I’m still getting used to some of the tools or effect but it is getting better and through some of the errors I made within my edit such as deleting some footage and it ended up overlapping it with another piece of footage it made the short film better than originally intended.

Through all of the challenged that I had faced throughout the production of my project, there were a lot of places where i was quite happy with such as completing it in a short amount of time and this is something I didn’t expect that could be completed in that time that was given, I was pleased with the idea although it does drift away a little bit from the theme of friendship it gives such a strong message and makes people think about the subject and social issue that I was addressing. Another thing was the opening sequence as this was my first time properly using after effects and creating this effect I was pretty happy with the outcome, another one was also using the Steadicam although I did find it hard to use at first i became used to it and was determined to at least try to use it in my short film.

As a look back at my original plan and idea there were a few things that had changed such as different pieces of audio or getting rid of some shots I didn’t think that would have been needed or looked like it was repeating the same thing or just didn’t fit in. As well as changing some piece of the script to by adding in the various type of words that describe social status wasn’t going to be in there.

I don’t think my video changes the outcome of my target audience as it goes straight to the point in why I created this video, although mostly everyone has been through it I believe that the age of 16 to 20 have grown up with the likes of various movies or influencers that makes this social issue sound ok even though it isn’t so it makes them question the way society works.

If I could do it all over again i would improve it by adding more people and more means of social media onto the screen like I did plan or maybe not just focusing it on that one character and maybe add dialogue to the screen to show a situation we all go through daily which may have become more effective.

However, if I was given the chance to make the film to a larger scale i would create a budget through creating more shots and maybe being able to extend the time duration of this video if the client would let me as I believe it would’ve added more equality to the screen and add more of the public and variations of humanity into the short film with different locations and people representing it. As a lack of resources and money, this has stopped me from doing what I could have done to this short film.

Overall, there could have been some tweaks in the lighting and more planning in the audio but as it continued there were quite a few improvements from my last videos that I had created previously but I can alway practice on the minor issues that I had come a crossed during this project.Therefore I am happy with the outcome that has been produced.

Final product: I am not a robot

Social media report:

9 posts: 31 followers: 115 following


This week I had posted my social status project onto there here is the response, although a lot used alot of hashtags I still didnt get alot of response for some reason.

On my personal account response to my video:

I posted my recent video on there and it had 40 views and 73 likes and 3 responses towards it which I thought to share to show that it did have response however on another account.

5 views – 2 likes 


This week i had alot of reponse from people which is much better than previous week as well as having some feedback for my short film which had definetly improved

51 tweets: 498 following:119 followers

 17 mar

Week 7:Visual production


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