Feedback and reflection for week 9

Most of this week was editing for my project the scene and finishing off things such as the evaluation and various pieces that needed to be improved on. This project was based on the theme friendship in which had to be the duration of 1 minute long. It was a very productive week with having filmed and editing in around 2 and a half days. For the editing, I had used avid media composer.

This week i had learnt a lot of things such as working my way around avid more through adding in new effects or wanting to know easier shortcuts to edit a video, effects such as resizing,changing the opacity,speeding up the footage I had used before with my previous project The hallo project so that was an advantage to using whilst editing.

I only had a few challenges this week which was more so the time-consuming part of filming all though I had done it all in a day it was more so the different types of lighting I wanted for the scenes in my short film. Another challenge was balancing and using the Steadicam as this was my second time using it from practicing with it at home but not on location.

I believe the thing I could have improved on was to be more organized and maybe edit some effects that could be time-consuming at home instead of at college because then at least it would save me some time.

Overall this week I had many learning curves that I can carry on through to my next project and be having gained so much more knowledge on using equipment and be editing certain effects whether that’s with adobe after effects or Avid media composer, I believe I will be more confident within my edit and filming more so on my next task as it comes with practice.



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