Evidence Document: Project 2

Here is my evidence document:

Carla Binder Evidence Document for Trimester 2


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  1. Jenni B Summative Feedback Trimester 2 10.4.17

    Well done Carla, this is an excellent submission for all your work for Task 2, and a well-deserved Distinction. You have clearly understood all the requirements of each weeks task, and investigated, practiced and then analysed the process required for each weeks problem and solution.

    You have presented your findings clearly and with skill and confidence. Your work is clear and accessible and demonstrates your high level of engagement and focus on the task. You should be very pleased with how good your effort looks in your blog posts.

    Your finished scene, is also confident and demonstrates well the range of skills you have learnt.

    This task and the top grade, clearly stands you in a good position for the completion of the Extended Project.

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