Feedback and reflection: Week 7

During this week we focused on the process of visuals within a film whether that is the pre-production, production or post-production.We researched the various jobs that could be involved and the paperwork to for showing the precautions and helps plan out our task for this week which was filming an action shot that would be a 30 seconds worth. the paperwork is for the cast and crew to understand the directors and producers vision so then it can all come together and will know what you are doing throughout the entire of the production no matter how small or large the scale of a film could be.

I went into a group of four for our production teams through creating and showing an understanding with the use of paperwork when creating a film and the brief was to create a one-minute short film based on doing something.The idea was based on a girl at college and she doesn’t realize that her headphone had come out of her phone until she becomes to take notice whilst seeing people react to the situation.

I believe the production and pre-production went really well through getting all of the paperwork done although we did have trouble with the stedi cam at first, however, we decided not to use it as it would take more time up than we would have liked to. So we replaced it with a tripod instead which made time quicker. We also worked with a light to balance out the brightness and white balance that’s from the natural light behind the subject. Within post production, it was mainly focused on the sound of the music and what would fit in the scenes. Such as making it sound like it has come out of the phone by a distorted sound added on or the timing of it too for the audience to understand what the short film is about.

However, next time I would improve the organization of the project more and also try to use dialog in the video rather than just putting sound over it and be more open-minded with various shots instead of sticking to a few.Although as we were filming it we did change or add some new shots to the video and I believe it did look better.However, it shows that maybe we should have planned it out a bit more.


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