Feedback and reflection :Week 6

During this week we had learned about audio and the process within the pre- production, production and post-production. This is where we researched further into to process and the different job roles sound entails and how much paperwork you need before you go into before production this is for the purpose for the other members of the crew and cast to understand your vision if you are a producer or director. Through this, you have paperwork such as a storyboard so then the sound department understand where they can place the mic so then it won’t be in a shot of the framing in the scene.

Another thing to consider was the location and the risk assessment these are both things analyse such as with a location recce you will have to think about if it’s too busy or whether it is quiet enough for the mic to not pick up the ambient that surrounds its, well as thinking the consider the risks that it can cause on that location.

For our task this week we went into our own production teams through creating a radio play based on the theme of a proposal we went through creating the script. However, we wanted to change it up a bit so we reversed the situation of having a rejection by over exaggerating the situation of they’re relationship with them only being together a month and the girl that’s proposing is the one who thinks that they will last from them following each other on various social medias however she’s already told her girlfriends parents that she would say yes but she gets too embarrassed and says no.

I believe that the pre-production and production were very productive although it did take a longer time than I thought within the pre-production whilst editing, however, it all has added up the dialog went really well.There were only during the production some issues with the volume of the mic not being loud enough so we re-recorded it so that was another setback


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