The focus for this week was on audio and how we use mics within different locations and comparing them for what will work and what won’t.we took on some tasks with testing the three different mics shotgun, lapel and dynamic this is so then we could get an understanding of how to use a mic throughout various situations it’sin a busy office or a quiet open space.

The first task we had done was comparing the difference between all three microphones to different 3 different types of locations exterior closed and open and interior closer and open.It was a good way to get used to the placement and uses of the 3 main types of microphones as well as understanding the polar patterns and why we use each one for different reasons too.Another task we had done was similar however, this was by adding visuals to the audio, where you had to consider where to place the mic, solutions and the precautions when filming.which did make me think what type of mic and positioning to use as this depends on what shot or angle that is needed.

Overall, this week it has made me think more about why we use different types of mics and how to use them to their ability, within a shot.As well as thinking of various solutions if I problem does go wrong within the future.It has also given me more practice handling professional equipment within audio. Although there have only been a few challenges in comparison to other tasks.