Week 5 : Audio Skills

During this week we looked back on Audio and why we use different mics and which one is a best for what situation whether that is within an interview, dialog this depends on the location to what mic to use and how much sound you would want to pick up for that specific shot.

Different mics in different locations:

First of all we looked at the different types of microphones and why we do use them with also analysing two different settings one with a lot of ambience sound like a office for example if you used just camera mic whilst interviewing someone in this type of surrounding it wouldn’t be as clear as for example you use a lapel mic as this  is a unidirectional polar pattern which means the sound and mic will easily pick up what it is being pointed to such as the subject. Comparison to using a camera mic which is only good if you are recording the ambient sound.

With comparing 3 of the different types of mics and to look at what mics are best to use for certain situations such as an interview for example as well as using different locations (interior and exterior) this helped us further within our next task which was to use what we had learnt previously as used two mics in which we thought the shotgun and lapel is the best as they are both directional mics and not as easy to sure when using visuals too such as a mid-close-up or long shot.

Here is the analysis of the different types of mics in different location settings:


3 different types of mics:

Lapel mic – A lapel mic can be used in an interview or within a dialog scene as this can pick up the vocal sound more than the ambients

Image result for lapel mic
Williams Sound, (n.d.)

because how close the mic is to the mouth, However, the tricky thing is that you may be able to hear the rustling of the clothing.



Shotgun- A shotgun mic can be used in any

Image result for shotgun mic on a boom pole
(Mallery, n.d.)

situations as you can hold this direct,
above or below the subject as you can use a thing called a boom pole




Image result for shot gun mic
(Rode, n.d.)





Dynamic-  A dynamic mic only picks up 180 degrees of the sound that surround the mic which means this is a uni-directional mic this can be used in gigs, Interviews (news, zoom documentaries e.g.)

Image result for dynamic mic
(Williams Sound, n.d.)

as it only picks up the sound that the mic is pointing to.






Zoom h4n- Although a product la zoom is mainly used for external mic use and controlling you can use a zoom for recording ambients, you can control the polar pattern but not as well as the other mics.

Image result for zoom h4
(Zoom, 2014)

Location analysis

Image result for OFFICE
(Office Lovin, 2015)

Office: Within an office, there are all types of sounds that you can hear whether that is the typing from a keyboard or the door shutting if you were shooting an interview in a busy location such as this I had to figure out which mic would be the best suitable for this location.

Cons: There is a lot of noise surroundings and some that only the mic can notice such as doors shutting, phones ringing and the sound of the computer monitor.

Solution: The solution to this is by using either a lapel or a dynamic mic as these are both directional microphones.However, the only thing with using lapel mics is that as you will have to place this on a piece of clothing you may hear the rustling of it, when recording another thing to consider is how close the mic is to the mouth of the interviewee too as this could cause grain or the volume could be too high to control when editing. So what I would do to solve this is to make sure it is in good composition so then the viewer isn’t distracted from what could happen in the background and also place the lapel mic in an area where it’s steady and make sure the mic doesn’t pick up everything by altering the grain on the zoom.

Image result for hall
(Shoreditch Town Hall, 2017)

Large Space:

If you are in a large space this could cause echoing so for this problem you can either add more furniture or installation so then the sound is denser rather than light and airy effect to the sound and use again a directional mic so then it doesn’t pick up the surrounding so I believe either a shot up or dynamic mic maybe best for this situation.


Sound and composition:

The next task was to add in visuals so then we had an understanding where to put the mics in various compositions or angles (mid shot, long shot) in different situations closed space and open space interior as we didn’t have time to record it from an exterior point of view.It was set in an interview style the first two are approached over discussing subjects such as  America’s election and equality (body image) the other two are focused on college and why I wanted to go into film and tv.

Here are the outcomes:

Shotgun interior, closed space:

This was using a medium close up, the only thing I would say is next time look at the composition more as the left subject is out of shot, other than that the footage looks good.


This shot was based on a longshot, however, the sound levels were all over the place when listening back, so when editing I should have controlled that as well as using the shotgun in this situation it should have been placed in the middle of the conversation instead of just the right side of the interviewees.

Lapel mic interior open space:

This was a medium close up which was filmed in an open space with a lapel mic I think the thing I should have improved on is more organization such as bring an extra battery as within the last video this had to be rushed as the battery was going to run out which wouldn’t be good if we were on a professional shoot. Another thing is also the focus and lighting as there is to much shadow on the interviewee in my opinion.


Longshot using a lapel mic, what I had noticed when editing is that the lapel mic is quite noticeable whether it is the mic itself or the wire as well as it being more in focus as the were people that could have distracted the viewers that were walking past the subject.

Overall the task went well, there are serval things that I have learned whether that is the placement of the mic or composition of the camera itself. The positive thing I have noticed is that next time I will know what to do and think about the position of the camera in any angle or mic used within a scene or shot.

Social media report:

Here is a social media report, for week 4 on the likes and contacts I have had throughout both media accounts on twitter and Instagram.

Instagram :

@Carla Leanne productions

6 posts 30 followers 114 following

Posted 1 week ago Recreated a scene from the film now you see me

hashtags used #lighting #photography #photooftheday #nowyouseeme #filmstudent#filmphotography #photoshop #photographer #film #behindthescenes#media #mediastudent #light #3pointlighting

Response : 9 likes

I tagged a lot but no enough posts onto the account.



26 tweets 261 following 78 followers

Jan 25:

Replicating a scene from with practising 3 point lighting

Response : one like

I did gain 20 followers in comparison to last week and have got a producer from good morning Britain following me too

messages on Twitter:

Gareth J. Rubery – composer for adverts asking if I wanted to use any of his work in my films.

My Doco Club – Creates documentaries weekly

Rav Vadgama ( senior producer & video journalist for Good morning Britain)

Got in contact with advice on the industry and he responded and has given me a contact for a lecturer and head of the media department at Middlesex university (Roddy Gibson who has offered for me to look around the university and discuss my ideas as well)

Wavem studios  (The film won at the sundance film festival 2015)

– These gave me a lot of advice through budgeting and gathering interviewees for future projects.

Element pictures ( Frank 2014, ROOM 2015)

Also was in contact with production company element pictures which gave me a lot of advice on film in pre-production.

Overall outlook on twitter:

I believe this week went really well even if it was more so through followers and messages to other filmmakers or production companies, but I still need to improve on interaction within the posts on twitter.

Harvard referencing:

Mallery, S. (n.d.). Shot gun on Boom Pole.Available at: http://filmmakeriq.com/2009/03/boompole-buying-guide/ [Accessed 6 Feb. 2017].

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Zoom, (2014). Zoom H4NSP.  Available at: http://www.solidstatesound.co.uk/zoomh4n.htm [Accessed 6 Feb. 2017].



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