Feedback and reflection Week 4

During this week we had focused back onto visuals, I however into more depth through lighting and color correction.

As there is more to it than I originally thought before starting this week I believed that all you needed to know about was 3 point lighting design or the temperature/white balance within a camera.But there is much more than realized in which I found really interesting.

It’s also about how the audience uses the lighting to help them understand how the character is feeling or the way they may look on the screen could seem different from the type of lighting used for example it could be the source of lighting such as artificial or natural.As well as the direction of the lighting too.

We use lighting for many reasons to make a shadow hard, harsh or soft.Another reason is for allowing the audience to focus on one object or by using Artificial lighting it can create more depth to the scene.

I had produced two practicals this week one focusing on 3 point lighting to show my knowledge and understanding of how it works and the second one was about replicating a scene through the going through the types, temperature e.g of lighting whether that is by getting the right shadow or colour balance.I worked in a team of six, although it was very time-consuming at first with setting up the first scene, however, we did get quicker at moving the light into the right place and completed all by the end of the class.

For this task, I had chosen a scene from Now you see me (2012) which was on the character atlas being introduced into the film.As the lights were already set up as they should be and in the right place well what I thought were,until we looked back at them and I had put the lights in the wrong position which wasn’t that good at all but from this I have learnt to look at the detail and not to rush so much with taking the photo because if not the lighting could have been in the right place.

The next thing we had done was creating our second media report for week three and reflecting on the responses we had got from accounts within Instagram and twitter, by looking at the statistics and what needed improving to recent posts and what I could of done to have a bigger response to my posts or just messages in fact.

Overall this week was I really interesting and knowledgeable week by learning so much more about lighting than I had known previously and although the final product wasn’t as originally intended for it to be like at least I tried and I know where I had gone wrong so then I can use the solution and resolve it by the next task that features lighting and visuals.


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