Feedback and reflection week 3

This week was based on audio, where we had to produce a similar media object like an audio book which was based on the children’s book billy goats gruff.However, I thought to create a story but based on this with the goat having a mission to kill the troll once and for all because all they wanted was a better life and the only way to get that was to get to the other side of the bridge. I thought this becomes more real and it to not just a children’s book.

where we looked at the example on how to put sound onto the screen without using visuals to make the audience visualize what’s going on in there mind by the use of ambients, sound effects, and music.It could be the difference of between having the sounds distort which could ruin the theme or atmosphere of the story.As audio is away to make the audience connect with the film or scene.It helps us understand the pace, where it’s set, what may happen next.

We had only a few challenges this week with creating the audio product this was only through wanting to create all the sounds ourselves rather than using audio librariesĀ as well like usual I made it the task a bit harder for myself, however, I didn’t mind as its a better way to challenge myself.We reflected on the past projects and what went wrong such as the quietness of the sound some of the sounds we used within our audio project was too loud so what we had done was used Avid media composer to alter the sound so then it sounds much smoother and so than the audio doesn’tĀ sound like its all over the place.


Overall there weren’t many difficulties I believe it was only through editing with avid however that will come with practice.As it kept on deleting or disappearing, however, I did find the missing pieces.I believe that it all did go well in the end with the finishing product, although the longest part was swapping both sd cards around the room so then everyone can get the clips that we had recorded.But from this week it has made me realize and refresh my mind in what specific mic to use for what now too.



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  1. Jenni marking week 3 – Well done for posting all the work that is required this week – you are in a select group! But you must look at your grammar and spelling – maybe a disc visit? But the work you have produced is very good.


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