Week3: Unit 5: w/c 16/01Audio Skills

During this week we were taught about Audio more in-depth  as well as over looking some of the elements of audio from October 2016, throughout I learnt why we used certain types of microphones for specific reasons such as a hand-held microphone or a shot-gun microphone these are two different microphones for example the hand-held mic has a different polar pattern (the amount of sound it can pick up) with it being a cardioid which is only having 180 degrees of the sound that surrounds that mic being picked up and a shot- gun is a directional Cardioid so only if you point it in one direction it only picks up the sound from where you are pointing the mic.

The task

The task for this week was to create an audio piece of dialog which sounds like an audio book in effect, the story we needed to base it off was from the children book Billy Goat Gruff, although most people within their teams went for just using the story however, the group I was in we were going to change it up with having a nanny  goat called Athena who is on a side of the bridge that no goat wants to be on in which they live in misery however on the other side of the bridge is a world that used to be theirs paradise. But the only way to get there is to find away to defeat the deathly troll.

Before we could start the task we looked at servile videos just to give us an idea on how to pick up the various different sounds that shows, you why they used it as each sound is included to use for an emotion or some representative for the video or dialog that could be used.

As we reflected on the challenges we have faced with audio previously it made me begin to realize how much really does go into audio and how important it is because even when there isn’t dialog sound is still included to set the scene with the use of ambiance a lot.

Analysis (Example)

The example of this is a video called Sound on the screen in which we analysed to see what we can hear and it helped us understand  Audio more through how they used it to separate different shots or different voices or an action by using some element of foley sound or directional sound.

(Kingsley-Elton, 2016)

Evaluation :

When creating the audio project there were only a few difficulties with the grain and how to build up the sound within editing, as each of these had a different purpose and the sound effects were created separately.

Whilst creating the audio clip as we had six people it had made sense that we needed to split up into two groups to make it more time efficient because if not we would be rushing around trying to get it done with six people so 4 went and recorded the sound effects and another was recording the narrative we used two different microphones, for these the sound effects were used with a zoom h1 without any attachment and then a  with the narration we used a zoom in which we connected to a shotgun as this is an omnidirectional mic it’s enable to just record what is pointing a that direction.

Overall, I believe the task went really well we all knew what we were doing and all of our sepreat edits turned out really well with setting the scene or creating more atmosphere to the story so then the audience can visualize what is happening in their minds, the only challenges was when editing or trying to cut out the grain that we may not have noticed but after building up more and more sound to the audio it disappeared and editing it by using the volume grain tool on Avid Media composer.

Here is the final product:


Kingsley-Elton, H. (2016). LIFTOFF – #4: Off-Screen Sounds – NYU Sight & Sound: Filmmaking. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdoM2v5Gsp8 [Accessed 18 Jan. 2017].


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