Feedback and reflection :week 2

This week was about direction and movement within a shot this is so then it helps us when creating a storyboard and understanding the different concepts of camera movement.As well as creating a video to represent our understanding of what we had learned throughout the week.

I was looking forward to this week as I thought it would be an interesting to expand my knowledge and understanding other thing I need to think about when filming a shot and why I would use a Steadicam or dolly.

Throughout the week I became more and more interested in the subject by becoming more aware of what to think of when filming a frame whether that is the movement within the scene or the direction the character should enter and exit from within each shot.However, it did come with some challenges such as when I was creating my original story and planned where my location was going to be when it came to shooting the video as the location may have been to much of a public space as it was the college library and it was too quite as it may disrupt people.So we moved to a different location which was at a flight of stairs from this I had to change storyline as my original story was going to be as basic as going up the stairs to a computer however that did have to change.So I had the help with the people I was helping out film to come up with an idea to get a maximum out of the location.So

So, I came up with the storyline of a chase trying to catch the suspect as they run down the stair almost like a cat and mouse situation the theme I based this of was the childhood game hide and seek.

Overall my project went really well with having more practice using a trip pod and also enabling myself to think more about whats going on around and in the frame even if it is in the background or the movement each of these elements in a frame have to represent something or a reason for why it is  there in the shot.





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  1. Jenni marking week 2 – really good posts Carla. Your post clearly demonstrates what you were doing and what you learnt. Look at trying to use the criteria terminology a bit more – problems and solutions. This will get better with practice, and this is only a minor comment, your work is really good.


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