Feedback and reflection for week 10 w/c 5.12

Most of this week was focused on editing our first project which was the hello project this was based on producing a scene based on the word hello. It was an interesting week through only using the avid media composer a couple of times before the process and production began.

What I had learnt :

There was a lot of things I learnt during the past weeks such as timing ,storage , backing up and also different aspects of editing on avid media composer such as how to speed up the footage or how to speed up the sound in which you have to use audacity to do this in e.g. there are many things I have learnt and in which I will carry on learning throughout my course.


I had a few challenges through this week and the biggest one was the export through how high the format was for the footage I had used from either time lapses or quick shots as this built up the export timing began to expand even more.Which was a big worry for me as I had completed most of my posts during this time however there was only one thing that was stopping me from completing the deadline.Furthermore I did overcome this through my tutor allowing me to extend my deadline so then I would be able to export my video ready for when it needs to be marked.

What could I of improved?

This week I believe I could have improved my consistency and organization skills through running out of time on the Wednesday because of importing and exporting issues with both hardrives and software.

Overall :

Overall I have had many learning curves throughout this week with a wide range of aspects that I had taught myself or other have taught about editing and has made me much more confident about editing for my next task.



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