Week 9-10 :Hallo Project

Project proposal : project-proposal

Final product :

The communication report :

I am going to use video and vocal communication to portray my idea through the word hello and focus on the communication within time. Time speeds up faster and faster as life goes on it can sometimes stop too. I’m going to use this idea as an experimental video in which will allow me to play around with the different voices and vocal tones within the production of this project.

The reason why I didn’t choose any other way to communicate my subject,was because I believe if I produced a music video or a documentary about time  I believe it wouldn’t convey the idea of time and the brief. With a documentary you need words and voices to express your opinion to portray your opinion or view on the way you want to change a perspective where as using video and it being experimental can show the range of skills I have in the sense of sound and how much a learned on focusing the idea on that subject.

Concept: Chasing time away

The idea for my hallo project is to subject of  time because it shows how much time controls our lives with this 20 seconds of reading this time is already slipping away and through this, the voices repeat and repeat until it stops. I will focus on the facial expressions whilst creating this product because I believe it is one of the ways we use to identify with ourselves with the specific features of eyes and mouths. Throughout this video, the footage will repeat itself but with different people in each shot and as time speeds up we do too. By going into a time-lapse of a clock within an hour.

What I want to focus on during my project :

I want to focus on semiology this will help me show the significance of time such as the train going past this represents transport or a shot of a tea cup represents the morning from my perspective this is why included each specific shot the same as a sand timer or a face of a clock because those are two different representations of time or what we look at for it.

Research plan :

I am going to research the different props and equipment needed to create this production.

Primary :

  • Looking around shops for different clocks to use within the shot.
  • Analyzing other videos on YouTube that are similar to mine.

Secondary :

  • Searching up the various equipment needed to make it work and what locations will I be in during production.
  • As well finding different locations and props needed for each of the shots I will use such as the sound of a train where exactly will I get this from e.g.
  • The quote also from Benjamin Franklin.
  • Different ways to say hello.

What I have found out:

Locations :

For filming the train station.

National rail train station : Ashford or Canterbury :

Please phone us. A member of our team is waiting to take your call.

Phone: 03457 48 49 50

(National Railway Enquiries, No date)

Who to email  for permission to film the train : mailto:felicity.jump@networkrail.co.uk

Ashford international station

Image result for ashford international

Southeastern train at Ashford International station(Trainline, no date)


 Google maps (2016)

Canterbury west train station

Image result for canterbury west

Wec. (2010) No name

How would I get there :


 Google maps (2016)

If wanting to film at Tenterden southern railway:


A Versatile Railway Location for Film and Television Productions(Kent & East Sussex Railway , Nodate)
Kent and east Sussex railway :

Tenterden - 2016

 Zozmann, H. (2016) Tenterden-2016


Google maps (2016)

Victoria park ashford :

Victoria park.PNG

Google maps (2016)

Directions from Brenzett to Victoria park ,Ashford


Google maps (2016)

Graffiti wall, Victoria park, Ashford


 Ashford subway :


Google maps (2016)


Props needed :
Wall Clock –  from home


Sand timer :



Mug – £3.50 – Churchill china. (no date)

Churchill Jamie Oliver White Mug

What equipment I will be using :

3 x Led lighting for the 3 point lighting – this is to light up the set.(I may just use one as the key light)

Zoom microphone –  I will be using this microphone for the  Foley I will be needing to use as this is a good microphone when wanting to record specific sounds.

Headphones : This will be in use when I am using the microphone so then I can hear clearly what exactly the microphone is picking up.

Camera :This is to record the footage and get the angles I want to take

Tri-pod : to keep the camera steady and straight whilst filming so then it wouldn’t look wrong whilst shooting the footage.

Other :

Quote using in experimental video – “You may delay, but time will not” – Benjamin Franklin

Ways to say hello : Hi,Hello,Morning,Hiya,good afternoon, Evening

Different emotions different greetings can suggest :


Shot    emotion

2         Neutral

4      Whisper (shy/quiet)

6      Question

8   stressed

18 Ways to Say “Hello” in English (Attwood, 2014)


I found most of this very helpful with using the contacts in what i  researched for the train stations as well as what type of equipment i may need ready for the production too, it had also helped through what location was more accessible or what type of foley to use for some sounds.

Storyboard :



Production Diary :


On Monday I had started the production of the hello project whilst starting to film some of the quick shots within the 30-second video I will create so the location I went to was Ashford and Canterbury to film 3 shots

Train going past in which will be in between a few of the repetitive sequences we also used a mic for this for what I believe was a really good shot by having the reflection bounce off the train this was filmed in Ashford international

  1.  Walking along the pavement in a left side angle within 180-degree angle. This shot was taken a couple of times just to get the right angle within the tripod just to test out how smooth the turn on the camera mount and how quickly it needs to move to get the shot of walking however only focusing on the feet.

Continuing on from the various shots the only thing was the mic went out of battery in which we went to a shop and bought some however, they didn’t work which stopped me from continuing on to produce more foley on the Monday. I did also help out another student Gabby on her project within filming various shots either i was in or she was in.

30/11/16- On the Wednesday I went around Canterbury before i had to go to my GCSE maths so, i walked around filming foley of people talking and a few time lapses that i may or may not include into my final product with going through the back streets filming desolate places and busy places that could be perfect for my foley and showing through the concept of everyday life moving faster and faster.

1/12/16- On Thursday I was originally going to meet up with Elisa to help her film however plans had changed through having her project finished earlier within the week so for this i had shot another couple of time lapses which are all focused on time in what i thought would be a really good introduction to use various concepts in which we use daily such as our alarm clock (digital) a sand timer and of course a clock face which is most probably the original source of time as well as the sun in which I didn’t include. As well as filming a lot of foley such as practicing and researching up online what objects to use to create the sound of footsteps through leaves so i tested out a couple of items to see what would sound the best.

Here is my research :

My research for this was to test out the different sounds and how to create it through just one movement of walking through the leaves which was by using a plastic bag and loose newspaper in the bag and just stomp on it heel to toe.

2/12/16 – On the Friday I ended up meeting with Elisa in which we filmed a couple of shots within the subway of a train station just so then I can have the eery/ echo effect to the sound of the word hello.As well as recording serval angles of this close-up and mid shot of face to include within sequence when syncing in footage. Although I didn’t have a clapperboard with my I just used the sound of my hand clapping so then I still know when to cut it.I had to also retake the shot of a person walking past just to make show it wasn’t too blurry from the frame per a second rate on my camera.

Here is my final product : (will add in on monday)

Evaluation :

My hello project will be a short experimental film about time and how life repeats itself as a continuous pattern until our time stops. I will be focusing on sound Foley for this project. My influence for this project was from a quote by scientist and mathematician Benjamin Franklin “You may delay but time will not” as this suggests about how fast time does go without you realizing. My target audience will be based on people who acknowledge the time and how much life goes fast within seeing the changes of tone and facial expressions until it stops. I will research the various props such as a wall clock, teacup, and wooden surface as well as testing out different objects that will make the specific sound I would like to include with the product. I will be using a Sdlr camera, Zoom mic for recording the specific sounds as well as using a tripod for stability of the camera and a small led light to use as a key light.

There were a few challenges throughout the production week with the equipment such as the mic this kept on running out of battery even if it was a few seconds worth of footage so I had to keep on changing the battery of the mic so then I could use it as this was one of the important pieces as my short film was based upon sound Foley as you need a mic and different polar patterns to create that specific sound. Whether that is testing or creating the sound. Most of the challenges were during the editing process as it was my second time using the software avid media composer. I had difficulty editing certain shots as these we very quick shots such as speeding up various pieces of footage so then It will show the concept of time I wanted to portray throughout the short film. Although I had got there in the end through using the effect of time warp and speed boost as well as altering the motion settings too. On continue from every time I tried to change the sequence some of it either overlapped or moved towards the timeline even more which was very frustrating at first however, I got there in the end through one of my tutors teaching me a quick way for moving or putting the sequence back to place with using the in and out points on timeline. Another challenge was with exporting through editing a few lengthy scenes from speeding them up on the timeline it had extended the timeline which gave it even longer to export with presenting it as 7 hours rather than 3 minutes towards a 30-second video I had created.

However, for all of the challenges faced within the process for completing my first project for my course there were a lot of thing I was really pleased with such as the shots and editing used in the video with using quick shots/edits at the end where the sound of a clock becomes faster and every single shot went with the beat. Continuation from that is the ending which in my opinion is my favorite part as it ends in quite a dramatic way and also adding in the quote from Benjamin Franklin “You may delay but time will not” as this sums up my idea as a whole through this quote.

As I looked through my project proposal there were many things that had developed such as the storyboard as I thought my original idea when filming was going to be too repetitive so I added in a few more shots and swapped some of the lengths and order around than originally planned but I believe it worked out for the better. There were only some things I would have changed if I had the chance I would have created more drama to it by adding more lighting to some of the scenes.

My target audience was based on people who acknowledge time. So pretty much this short film is towards all audiences as I was hoping for the video to make you think how fast time may go and we forget about it until time stops.

If I had the chance to improve it I would make it bigger through asking people what time means to them if or record different hello through all kinds of people you see day in and day out such as a bus driver or barista in a coffee shop as I believe it will add more reality to it and will show the public their opinion on the subject I have based my experimental video on. As well as having lack of money and time this stopped me a little to do exactly how planned originally or what I would have liked it to become.

Overall, at the beginning of editing I thought my short film wasn’t going to turn out as planned but as soon as I continued on it began to improve even more although there are always some tweaks that are needed however I am really happy with the outcome.

Here’s the final product :


Harvard Referencing :

 Attwood,D.(2014)18 Ways to Say “Hello” in English.Available at : https://www.inklyo.com/18-ways-to-say-hello-in-english/(Accessed : 13/12/16)

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 Google maps (2016) ‘Directions from Brenzett to Kent & East Sussex Railway, 2km. Available at: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/Brenzett,+UK/Kent+%26+East+Sussex+Railway,+Station+Road,+Tenterden/@51.0407284,0.7076511,12z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x47deddf3de978db5:0x81df2be3871a8ee!2m2!1d0.853946!2d51.009905!1m5!1m1!1s0x47df2117737fbce7:0x8d854a7b294b00c9!2m2!1d0.6850188!2d51.0701759!3e0 (Accessed: 22/11/16).

 Google maps (2016) ‘Brenzett to Canterbury West’, 5km. Available at:https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/Brenzett, +UK/Canterbury+West, +United+Kingdom/@51.1456381,0.8215994,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x47deddf3de978db5:0x81df2be3871a8ee!2m2!1d0.853946!2d51.009905!1m5!1m1!1s0x47decbb6b3822607:0x74d4a56ca0064a0a!2m2!1d1.07533!2d51.28427!3e0 (Accessed: 22/11/16).

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 Zozmann, H. (2016) Tenterden-2016. Available at:http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/5172462 (Accessed/downloaded: 22/11/16).



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  1. Bronwyn peer feedback 12/12/16

    This is a very nice piece of work and I can see you have definitely put a lot of time and effort into it. Your research is highly relevant to your project and I think you have looked into a good amount. I think looking into your location was definitely a good idea as it has seemed to have helped you a lot. Your evaluation is also very good as you look into both the positive and the negatives too. Overall I think this work is very nice and the only small thing I would say is to look at your grammar occasionally.


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