Week 7: Unit 3: w/c 14.11: Working practices

Within the media industry today there are different ways to enter into the career of media whether that is through being a freelancer,self-employed or an employee that works on a long-running show such as strictly come dancing or x-factor.

Freelancer :

This is one of the most common form of employment they are self-employed. – It’s all about the reputation  a freelancer has to do their own taxes and also work for other people in a short amount of times.

Pros :

It is a very flexible job in which enables you to build up contacts and reputation and there is no joining requirements either.


It can be stressful through having so many jobs being offered to you at once and sometimes you may have to turn down good jobs.

Self employed :

  • Paying your own tax
  • Its you buisness
  • Creating the media production yourself

Pros :

  • You can make what you want at the same time as being in the industry you want to be in.
  • Easy to start however, it will cost money to even start the buisness.

Cons :

  • You have to support your own income
  • Need money to start



  • You are employed by someone else so you don’t have as much responsibility other than when you are self-employed or a freelancer.
  • You are more secured within a job as it will be employed by successful companies.


  • Lack of variety and not allowing you to do what you do want to film.
  • short-term contracts.

My  ideal career timeline:

2016 – 2017  Canterbury college – Film & Tv

2017 – Begin creating part 2 of my voices to be heard documentary & create a documentary about the education system.

2018 – Apprenticeship with Viacom or BBC / University – New york Film Academy

Create a documentary on women in the media industry

2019 – Create a film I am proud of and start to enter into film festivals.

2020 – Attend and travel to most of the film festivals in the world such as Cannes and Venice film festival.make sure i know what i want to do and gain as much work experience as possible. Start to make a difference to people through film.

2022 – Graduate

2022- 2026 find a job as a runner in a film company in La or London and never giving up from building up more determination of becoming who i want to be.

2026-2028 be promoted and work  my way up in  film or television as a Producers or camera assistant working in documentaries for the BBC or channel 4 (make sure im doing something I want to do and by this time at least produce 13 of my ideas for documentaries or short films)

2028-…. becoming a producer  or camera women traveling all around the world creating documentaries that i believe in and showing to the public what really matters in this world.

2036- Win a Bafta for best documentary

2037 – Be a part of a documentary that won an academy  award for best documentary feature.

2038 – Be in position in life where I am proud of myself from my accomplishments.With having friends and family surrounding me and still continuing on with my career.

2039- 2041 Inspiring others to do to have the same drive as I had from going to university or colleges and talk to them about my career.

2041-2045 Working a director & producer to develop more of my skills and continuing on with my career.











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