Feedback and reflection week 7

During this week I really enjoyed working on the tasks although we didn’t work on as much practical and just focused on researching about editing and finishing off what we had done on the previous week with the clapperboard task.

I had learned so much about editing and what films used what editing software and why avid and premiere pro is always debated as the most popular or best software’s to use.As I continued on with the week we began to learn about the representation we see within in society such as gender,age e.g these are about how we all see other people through various types of stereotyping in the media today too.

Challenges faced :

Last week we had to do a task which was to show that we know how to use a slate.However, this week were took  a scene to show we can know how to use a tail slate when in a scene.However, when we looked back at the footage there were still a few errors such as the sound there wasn’t enough grain in which the person in charge of the sound didn’t check also the slate when doing the tail slate was written wrong which was another learning curve in which we will bring to when producing our project for the end of this term which is the Hallo project.

Overall, I liked working on the different research projects and going into more depth in how in society and the media uses representation as well as going through the many errors i have overcome and used as future knowledge through the clapperboard task.I am looking forward to next week to start planning for my first project too.


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  1. Jenni marking units 2,3,4 for week 7
    These are very good posts Carla, good work. You have obviously understood the necessary work to cover the tasks, and produced posts that are well presented, nicely detailed and with an interesting range of examples to illustrate your points. Please keep this up!

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