Week 7:Unit 4:w.c.14.11: Representation

Representation –

There are different aspects of representation whether that is through media and how we portray society and one another. It doesn’t matter how old they are or where they have been brought up we all are put into these boxes that many believe to be most of the time not true.

We are all brought up and almost brained washed so then society can dominate our minds to what we may think as a different figure in comparison to someone else throughout the history of time there has always been this concept its a name called identity and how others see you.

There was one theory in which Italian politician Antonio Gramsci created within society to accept the differences and changes that occur to allow some dominance in the world but not as much.


The three types of representation :

Stereotypes: This is one of the most popular representations known it is a visual shortcut that is easily used throughout society in the present, past and future.

Archetypes: This is the more so detailed a representation where you describe what there lifestyle is like, who they are as a person.

Countertype: However, most of the time we build up with various representations on one another and don’t realize that they have got an oppositional life to the one you never thought they would of had.

Many groups are split into a lot of category’s such as :

Age – What age we maybe might be known for whether we are older enough to be more wise than someone who might be older or more intelligent but which most of the public sometimes can’t accept.

Gender – Whether you are female,male or Transgender we all have acceptations whether that is the use of the phrase “Man up” or “Stop acting like a girl” with these characters that are built up in our minds we forget that what is the meaning of any of those phrases. What way is it that a female acts differently to a male. As referred to the video of a nine-year-old girl explaining how both girl and boys clothing can be the same instead of telling you what to think or do about the world you live in.

Url :

Race : This is another important group in my opinion whether you are mixed raced,Asian or African-American everyone aspects a certain thing from what you do or your lifestyle even if it is by one little thing.

Disability : We judge on there capabilities although our recent society within 2016 are beginning to accept who they are through more promotion about the various issues that are out there and classed as a disability, such as mental health,Anorexia e.g

Class: A class in society is based upon how much money your earn or what kind of lifestyle do you live in such as Working class, Middle class and upper class.

Sexuality : Sexuality is a huge issue still within today a crossed the globe that many don’t come to face the reality of change.

Location – Where ever you live whether that is in a council estate, caravan park or a semi-attached house. Society associate if you live in something like a council estate they would have an unstable family but that is not the truth they could have a normal family with a parent in the bank or a strong wielded job.

Religion : Many aspect a person from Iraq or somewhere in the middle east. However, that is never the case someone could be white or African-American religion is a belief not a piece of clothing.

As we went on to try to think about is there any female main characters in current British television show and out of the whole class we only came up with two television shows Scott & Bailey and Tracey Beaker it shows even in the media industry today all of us are still gender stereotyped it’s because in the public eye women are seen playing weaker characters rather than men portray more dominating and stronger characters.

The task –

Our task was to find one stereotype and one countertype male or female role in a British television show.

I have used both characters within the Royle family in which includes many counter types and stereotypes so this is the reason why I have chosen Denise and Barbra best.As they show the comedic side with having two women that act unlike minded and the male is more dominant instead of having equal positions.


Countertype character :

I had chosen a character Nessa from Gavin and Stacey as she is a prime example of being the opposite in what you would expect in a stereotypical women such as many have expectations of someone that is weak,thoughtless,a worrier,cares a lot what others think e.g However, with the character Nessa it shows that not all women or any gender for that matter has to be who genders were back in the 1920’s as she has masculine traits as well as feminine.

I have showed this scene because it shows how Nessa is representing Women through how strong minded she is,open,driven and doesn’t care what people think.I believe it represents many parts of society that women or even men shouldn’t be judged or put into a box because of they’re gender.






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