Week 7:Unit 2:w/c: 14.11:Research Plan : Editing

 What am I going to research :

I’m going to research what is exactly the best software to use and compare in between the two top ones Avid and Premiere pro.

Questions :

What is the best software to use?

How can you use it?

What is the software aimed at?

What are the top 5  for  the high grossing films in the UK? what was the film edited on?

What is an editing software?

Why do we use them?

Primary :

I’m going to analyze both software’s from my own perspective as well as others.

Test them out for myself.

Secondary :

Research the different films on what films

Why did they use this software?

Write up/Produce the research :

What is an Editing software ?

An editing software is used to alter and sew together footage from various scenes or shots this is used in most of the media platform that used moving image such as Video,Audio,Animation,Short films,Adverts e.g.

Table 1 Top 20 films at the UK box office, 1989-2015

  Title Country of origin UK box office total

(£ million)

Distributor Year of release
1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens* UK/USA 122.3 Walt Disney 2015
2 Skyfall UK/USA 103.2 Sony Pictures 2012
3 SPECTRE* UK/USA 95.2 Sony Pictures 2015
4 Avatar USA 94.0 20th Century Fox 2009
5 Titanic# USA 80.3 20th Century Fox 1998/2012

(British Film Institute, n.d.)

What did the 5 top grossing films of all time in the Uk box office use for editing?

Films that used Avid Media Composer :

Whilst searching about all of these 5 grossed films I have come to a conclusion that Avid is the most used editing software when creating a large Hollywood production. This is because it is a software that has all of the tools in one program rather than having multiple. It’s easy to share if editing in a group and it also allows you to edit with IMAX,Digital and 3D so that’s a plus to editing for a big production.

Films that have used Adobe Premiere Pro:

However,  the likes of award-winning films  (Gone Girl,2014),( Dead pool ,2016)and (Hail Ceaser,2014) have gone down an alternative way to editing with Adobes Premiere pro. These are all successful and known films within industry but what I want to know now is why they have used this software instead of the most popular software in Hollywood Avid media composer. Well one of the reasons from editor… (Gone girl,2014) implied that it was efficient easy to apply and a software you can get used to within 2 days. you are able to use this in any room between after effects and premiere pro.

(Adobe Creative Cloud, 2014)

Why director Tim miller used premiere pro as editing software :

Here is a short video which enabled me to understand why director Tim Miller used premiere pro and other Adobe software to edit with.

(Adobe Creative Cloud, 2016)

Star wars : The Force Awakens :

Why they used Avid Media Composer?

  • It is easy to collaborate with people when editing in a different space or device.
  • It also allowed editors to experiment with the sound design throughout the process of editing the film.
  • The type of tools that are used in avid as you can handle the sound, music and VFX.
  • It also allows you to edit in Imax, digital and 3d for the final cut.

(Connect.avid,n d.)

My review on Premiere pro vs Avid

Although I have only just gotten used to working on Avid’s Media composer for only starting to use it 2 weeks ago I am beginning to understand why the likes of the Star wars Trilogy and (Skyfall, 2012) have used this editing software.At first, it was quite tricky getting to grips of when I need to  use a keyboard for editing rather than using a mouse that controls everything for premiere pro. One of the negatives about using premiere pro is when you want to add special effects you will have to use it a different software from the Adobe collection rather than Avid it’s all on one program.

Harvard Referencing:


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Skyfal(2012) Directed by Sam Mendes [Film]. Eon Productions.

Star Wars:The Force Awakens(2015) Directed by J.J Abrams[Film]. San Franciso, California: Lucasfilm


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