Week 5:Unit 1: w/c 31.10:Introduction to editing

This week was an introduction to editing this is where we looked at a new editing software called Avid in which I have never used before this software was used so then we can all get used to editing with this which will prepare for our projects to come.

Practicing using Avid :

We were  given various pieces of footage and audio to use whilst getting used to the editing software.

It was frustrating on the first day using it as settings and tools you usually use are set in different places or you have to use certain keys instead of dragging things a crossed. However, I did get there in the end with a final product.


Creating a guide to editing with Avid :

Through producing a video to practice on we also had to create a guide which will be useful in the future to use.

How to create a file system :

1. Create folders named audio,edit and video this is so then you can catogrize the type of media you maybe using for your edit.

2. Go to New volume new-volume

3. After creating a file specificly for your project create another set of folders to catogrize your footage even more, like this :


The start of editing in Avid Media Composer

  1.  open up Avid Media composer the button should look like this :

2. A box should come up like this and if you have used it previously it will come up with the other projects you have used to edit on this programme. picture1

3.  There are three options on the right hand side on the first window these are the options which allow you to produce either a project to share with other (if in group projects),external which is for external hardrives if your using this type of storage for you project or private which is where it doesent share to any other computer on the one you have edited on.

4. now click onto new project

What are the different setting when it goes on to this box for creating a new project :

Pal – This is a format in which most of Europe use this is the type to broadcast

Ntsc – This is another broadcasting format however it is used mainly in America rather the Europe.

The ratio will also have to be 16:9


5.Make sure it is saved onto the file created. by the little folder icon and click onto the file you want it to be saved.
6. The next thing is to click new project and then from this you can choose what file you would like their project to be saved and rendered on which is the section where it say folder.
7. After this  It comes up with these two windows the left one is for the effects and tools.The right one is for the visuals or previewing a video you may want to use in your timeline.picture2


8.If you want to be organized with having serval places to put your different types of footage in all you need to do is click file then new bin.with this you can edit the title of it so then you know what footage or sequence  is in what .picture3

9. So to be a bit organized you can create serval more bins for the videos and audio. For renaming any of the bins you need to do is click on the text of the title of the bin you want to rename.



10. The next is to import the footage needed,so you right click on which bin you want to import footage into and just click import,then select the different types of media you need to.

11. To preview the video all you need to do is drag it to the left box of the right window this is dependent on whether you are editing on a two or one screen setup.

12 . What you can do after that is if you are wanting to use this but only a certain part use the in and out points you insert these by using the keyboard with the letter i = in and o=output.

13 . Next press the key v to insert clip and move the rest along or b to overwrite the orginal footage.

1. So to add in an effect what you can do is click onto the box nearest the left of the screen and click onto the purple icon which reminds me of adobe encoder cc logo then if you want to reverse the video you click onto time warp and click reverse motion and drag it onto the video you want it on in the timeline but you will have to make sure you highlight the video before you insert the effect.

2. The next thing to do is render the effect before you can continue onto what you do is click onto the logo that is in the timeline section this will then render the effect if you select the video.

Another thing is how to cut or move the video what you can do is use this it.
Source/record mode.


The different modes :

Effect mode


Colour correction mode


How to cut a video you click on to a the film strip which has got a line in-between.


1. The icon which looks like a sound glider this is the effect editor which you can use if you want to alter the speed of colour of the effect used.


2.. Now is to add the audio all you need to do is drag it onto the section on the timeline which say a1 (Audio 1)
Exporting you go onto file.


Basic key to edit on

So you can edit two ways using either using the keyboard or mouse. There are certain keys for specific reasons so if you click I that is used for input and o is for output, l is for play or enter, k is for going forwards and j is for going backwards

F &D is for deleting the input and the output these are there so then it is easier and quicker to edit footage.

You can use both arrows left and write to go through the timeline frame by frame.

V : This adds in the footage and moves the other ones along

B: overwrite the footage on that certain place you wanted the new footage to go in the timeline.

x – To lift the in and out point

z – Take out the footage

Export –


1. Then another box comes up which allows you to change it the way you want it to so for this video click on the top to QuickTime movie (QMF).


2. You have to make sure you are on the right settings so click on to options when the file comes up.



3. click onto save and it comes up with the file box.


4. This comes up with the box that will show how long it will export to.

How to sync you video with you audio :

1. Select the video and audio and move them a crossed so then they are side by side you do this by pressing down the ctrl key.
2. So now you are able to auto sync by clicking onto bin and auto sync.
3. It will come up with a grey box that will come up with three options input, output and time code the best one to pick is the time code as it syncs straight in.


4. It will now in the bin you have got your videos and audio from to sync it. There will be a new sequence.



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