Feedback and reflection for Week 5 w/c 05.11

During this week we focused on production research which we used reverse engineering which is for analysing what will the production for a specific scene could entail such as job roles,what costumes would the costume designer had to make to create the specific scene in this case, it was sherlock I had chosen.Another part of the week was all about the basics of editing with avid which is a new software for me to use.

Challenges :

So for me when doing the task for production research it was hard at first to even find a tv show that is available on youtube so then I am able to show what I have been analysing.But I found one in the end which was sherlock this was one of favourite tv shows from when i was in secondary. But as i go further into the task such as creating a list of the different things that i need to research ready for next week so then I can research the different prices and where to get  the crew or props from and equipment too. As well as trying to get all of the researching done in time for Monday

Another task was the introduction to the editing software avid i did overcome quite a few challenges such as trying to figure out how to use certain effects or setting for editing as i have never used before as i was so used to using either iMovie or premier pro it was hard to get used to at first but from the next day using it i still found it difficult to work with but not as much as beforehand i just think it will take time to really know how to edit through avid.

Overall i have mostly enjoyed learning new skills and finding how hard it really is researching for just one scene of the production and also i have gained some learning curves to whilst producing my posts for this week. Although it was a bit stressful at time overall it was a really good week and I can’t wait for the next.

Peer assessment (will be doing this on Monday)

Elisa :



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