Week 5/6:Unit 2: w/c 31.10:Production Research Plan

Throughout this week we focused on what needs to be thought about when producing a  production of a Film or TV show works and what you need to have for this whether that is researching where to find unused police cars and are able to hire them to what building would look similar to one in a scene from a film to understand the different types of websites and prices.

We watched the opening scene from the television show called (Life on mars, 2006)as an example so we worked through the post-production, production and pre-production whether that was the props, location, costumes and job roles needed.It showed me how important and how much you really do need to research before the production even begins.

This is my research so far so what I have done is list, out the different things needed to either price or just find.This is all set out as if I was doing the production myself such as price lists,legal documents that maybe needed or licences e.g.

The production research plan:

The Research plan based on an opening scene of our choice.

What scene I had chosen :

I had chosen (Sherlock,2010) because it is one of my favourite TV shows and also one that is very straight forward to analyse what they exactly needed within the production.

(Belinka_88, 2014) 

About the scene:

The opening scene is of John Watson sitting up on his bed, whilst then the scene moves onto him going to his desk and focusing on his walking stick which also shows he was distressed as time moves on he opens up the draw from the desk to pull out his laptop in need to try to write something on his blog ready for his therapist but doesn’t think of anything. Then it moves onto him going into the therapy room which then talks back and forth in how he has been as you begin to see he was once in the army from the statues that are placed in the room.

Research plan: Primary/secondary research

Questions i am going to answer – How much would a location like the first scene cost?

What job roles will you need for each specific scene and out of the whole film production?

Who created the music?

What type of equipment might they of needed?

How much money will you need for the whole production?
How much is it to hire trailers?

How much is it to get a license for various logos being placed in scenes?

How to get product placement within the television show?

How much would the channel get and how much would the other distribution company’s get?

How was the title sequence created?

what contracts would you need to produce and what exactly would the lawyer be involved in?

How long did it take them to come up with the idea and how did they research the different elements of inspecting?

What kind of clothes would they wear and how would they get the right clothes do they buy them online?

or does the costume designer create it if so how much would the material cost to create it?

What sites will you be able to hire props from?

How much do each of the job roles thought of need to get paid?
what type of cameras would they of used?

What would be Primary research ?

If i had the opportunity to do a thorough production research i believe there would be a lot of primary research that would have to be involved such as costume design if you want to make something from scratch whether that is the therapy’s jumper or John Watsons blue shirt you would want to go and see the fabrics yourself or the company to hire out costumes for the scenes.Another use of primary research is scouting your location this is so then you know what angle the scene should be placed and also adding up all of  measurements whether that is for the trailers or size of the set that is needed and what surrounds the location within the background.

Locations: In each scene and what type they are and similar locations to look at the value and how much it maybe.

Websites for hiring locations:

http://www.shootfactory.co.uk/uk-location-category/london-apartments/ -(Limited, n.d.)

http://ukfilmlocation.com/Location.aspx?LocationID=LON0956 – (SHOOTFACTORY, n.d.)

http://ukfilmlocation.com/Location.aspx?LocationID=LON1878 – (Filming, 2016)

Watson’s bedroom – minimal/dark place

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 23.06.48.png

(Filming, 2016)

LON1878 : Central London, United Kingdom

Watson’s office/desk Small narrow place. A window which is in the same eye line as the desk placed against the wall.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 23.07.06.png

(Filming, 2016)

LON1878 : Central London, United Kingdom

Therapist room – Open/light space with a large rectangle in the middle of the wall at the back, natural walls,and a Georgian style room.

Secondary research


This is where the costume designer will pick out the different pieces of clothing fitted for the specific characters like for example in Sherlock John Watson is always known for wearing a shirt and jumper with his walking stick.


(Belinka_88, 2014)

John Watson  

 scene 1 . Light grey sweater  £32.00 – 1st scene the reason why i have chosen a bought item instead of hire is becuase he uses this in the a couple  scenes within the first epeisode.


Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.15.33.png

(topman.com, 2016)


Scene 2 & 3  Light blue shirt –£ 20.00 –  Agsin i had chosen this shirt for the reason of it is very simular to the one John Watson wears within the 3rd&2nd scene of epeisode one and many more if you continued on from the  opening seen as well.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.16.46.png

(ASOS, n.d.)


(Belinka_88, 2014)

 Scene 2&3 White t-shirt underneath –  £ 25.00 – 3rd/2nd scene

As this is just a white t-shirt used underneath the blue shirt this would be more useful to buy so then if in the scene he may spill something as its quite cheap to get one.However would alway have to buy spares just in case.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.17.59.png

(ASOS, n.d.)


Materials –

 scene 2&3 Brown boots – £55.00 – 3rd scene

I chose this item because these are the simular colour to the look a like chelsea boots

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.19.18.png

(ASOS, n.d.)



Mid blue jeans. –£35.00 Blue cotton- 3rd scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.20.47.png

(topman.com, n.d.)

Jeans http://www.topman.com/en/tmuk/product/clothing-140502/mens-jeans-140508/blue-cotton-skinny-jeans-5853442?bi=20&ps=20


Therapist –

 (Belinka_88, 2014)

Straight leg trousers – £22- 3rd scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.24.09.png


 (Limited, n.d.)


White shirt –  casual/baggy shirt £26.00 – 3rd scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 02.12.51.png

(ASOS, 2016)


Colorful striped wooly jumper – Couldnt find one

Black loafers – £30.00 – 3rd scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.25.35.png

(ASOS, n.d.)


Props – Secondary

Objects – 

IMI Z1290 PLASTIC HOLSTER SIG SAUER SP2022/SP2009 BLACK  – second scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 00.55.10.png

 (UK Tactical, n.d.)

Buy – £ 24.00


Grey chunky laptop – second scene

£399.97 Sony VAIO E Series 15

(15, n.d.)(ASOS, n.d.)Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.29.32.png




Walking stick – £10.99- second/1st scene


(Simplelife Mobility – your mobility specialists, 2016)


at desk

Transparent glass at second scene

£12.10 for 6

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.31.23.png

(Office, 2016)


Envelopes small and large – Black,white & dark green – second scene

£4.34  brown A4 envelope


(Amazon.co.uk, 2009)


Black coffee mug – At desk £2.99 – 2nd scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 00.43.32.png

(NuCasa, n.d.)


Long black robe – £30.00  – 1st scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.35.23.png

(ASOS, n.d.)


Thin pen – £15.00 – 3rd scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.36.42.png

(Shop, n.d.)


lamp overhead -£99 – 3rd scene

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.38.15.png

(Made.com, n.d.)



Furniture –

Wooden chair – with padding – 1st scene

Small/low bed or mattress – 1st scene

£599  –

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.39.27.png

(Dreams, 2016)


Grey covers/sheets no pattern – bedroom

Black desk lamp – second scene

£43.99 –

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.41.22.png

(Direct, n.d.)


Wooden blinds – second scene

From 26.50 –

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.42.46.png

(Blinds, 2016)



Two black leather chairs – 3rd scene

£899.00 –

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.45.05.png

(Marks & Spencer, 2016)


Black small glass coffee table – 3rd scene

£153.99 –


(Wayfair.co.uk, 2016)


White Georgian radiator –  3rd scene

£44.95 –

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 21.47.22.png

(Hartleysdirect.com, 2016)


Thin black shelf/table Therapy

Job roles – Secondary (still needs finishing)

  • Story board artist – £11-£80.54 per Hour (New York Film Academy, 2015)
  • Screen Writers – Depends on the agreement the highest deal to date is 5 million dollars to screen writer M.Night Shymalan for Unbreakable
  • Researchers- £16,000 – £40,000 a year (Nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk, n.d.)
  • Location Managers – £12.28 per hour (Institute, 2016)
  • Casting Director – £11.11 per hour (Institute, n.d.)
  • Buyers – £11.97 (Institute, n.d.)
  • Set Designers – £200-£3000 per a day (depending on how experienced they are) (Nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk, n.d.)
  • Drivers – £15.00 per hour (Indeed.co.uk, 2016)
  • Caterers – http://honestfoodslondon.com/(Honestfoodslondon.com, 2016)
  • Camera Operators – £371 a day  (10 hours )(Prospects.ac.uk, 2016)
  • Sound Operators- £273-£385 a day (Prospects.ac.uk, 2016)
  • Director – $15.28 – $87.40 per hour (Sokanu.com, n.d.)
  • Dop (Cinmatographer) – Could be paid up to £65,000 a production (Nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk, 2016)
  • Costume designer – £9.33 – 33.04 per an hour (Creativeskillset.org, n.d.)

Other Job roles (per a year) –

http://www.televisual.com/blog-detail/Who-earns-what-in-TV_bid-261.html  – (UK, n.d.)

  • Edit assistant: £18,845(Per a Year)
  • Bookings: £27,520
    Editor (offline): £33,675
    Producer: £40,614
    Facilities manager: £41,861
    Vfx artist: £42,000
    Editor (online): £42,336
    Dubbing mixer: £43,909
    Colourist: £57,000
    Vfx super: £85,000 r job roles


Actors needed : (IMDb, 2016)

Martin freeman – John Watson :

Tanya Moodie – Ella (John Watson’s therapist)


Equipment –

Camera –

 x 2 Canon XF205

for hire : £80.00 per a day


(Hireacamera.com, 2016)


SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro 600X Compact Flash Card –


(Hireacamera.com, 2016)

£18.00 per a day


Canon BP-975 Battery Pack –

£4.00 per a day


(Hireacamera.com, n.d.)


Vinten Pro-10DC System (Tripod)

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 01.24.43.png

(Hireacamera.com, 2016)

16.00 per a day –


Lastolite Trigrip Reflector Large 120cm Sunfire/Silver – Lighting

£6.00 per a day


Bowens Mosaic Bi-Colour LED Panel


(Hireacamera.com, 2016)


– £45.00 a day

To buy £ 830

(Wex Photographic, n.d.) – http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-bowens-mosaic2-bicolour-led-panel/p1592124?mkwid=sli2nyyen_dc&pcrid=89741509019&kword=&match=&plid=&product=1592124&gclid=co_wvs_-mnacfqzhgwodtryldw

 2x Marshall LCD70XP-HDMI Monitor 7


(Hireacamera.com, n.d.)


– £30.00 a day

Generic 10m XLR cable ( for the mic connection to the camera)


(Hireacamera.com, n.d.)


  • £2.50 a day

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

\Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 01.26.14.png

(Hireacamera.com, n.d.)


  • £4.oo a day

Rode Boom Pole


(Hireacamera.com, 2016)


  • £4.00 a day

Sennheiser ew110-ENG G3 Wireless Kit


(Hireacamera.com, 2016)


  • £30.00 a day

Rode NTG-2 Microphone

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 02.08.57.png

(Hireacamera.com, 2016)


  • £7.00 a day

Legal documents or licenses needed :

Contracts how much they cost –

https://www.sagaftra.org/home – (Sagaftra.org, 2016)

Employers or crew would be usually on  a 0 contract







/* Style Definitions */
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(Gov.uk, 2016)

Licences –

Music licence for theatrical productions from PPL or PRS  (Gov.uk, 2016)https://www.gov.uk/music-licence-for-theatrical-productions

To hire out parking space – 200-350 a month in London area – Central London https://www.yourparkingspace.co.uk/camden-parking-spaces-and-garages-to-rent

Insurance – Payment protection

on technology whether that is for equipment or in general.

Font – Commercial licenses http://www.adobe.com/products/type/font-licensing.html


(Adobe.com, 2016)

Copyright – The broadcasting standards council.http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1990/42/contents

(Legistlation.gov.uk, 1990)

Product placement  with Sony for the  sony silver laptop in scene 2 ??


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