Week 4:Unit 4 :w/c 10 October: Theory (Narrative)

What is a narrative?

It is the story and how it is told whether that is through a narrator or going back to the past before the story starts it gives the audience background so then the  story can continue.

There are different ways stories can be portrayed:

Linear Narrative – This is a classic way of telling a story from the beginning,middle and end. – (Alice in wonderland, 1995)

Non-linear Narrative – This is a way that is shown through reflecting on the characters past so it could be in order of end-beginning-end-middle these can portray as flashbacks too. – (Pulp fiction,1994)

Single-stranded – This is a narrative which is focused on the protagonist rather than the other characters. So what that character does, what adventures he/she goes on. (Batman, 1989)

Multi-stranded – A lot of stories focused on one character  and all of the stories are linked together, films such as (New years eve, 2011) and( Snatch, 2000) include multi-stranded narratives through each character having a different story.However, it all ends up linking together somehow.

Open Narrative – Keep having various characters come back into the storyline so it is a continuous storyline that you can also  keep on adding on to create more realism to the scenes and keep the audience more interested whether it is a soap or television show these both include an open narrative. – This is mostly used for tv shows like soaps. -(Eastenders, 1985) & (Corrantation Street, 1960)

Close Narrative , It mostly used in films where most of the issues that were at the end close or brings criminal justice. – (12 years a slave, 2013)

Realist Narrative – It makes the film look  believable and set in a realistic situation for the audience to relate or to give a factual meaning to the story too. (Milk, 2008) , (Cinderella Man, 2005)

Non-realist  Narrative – This is a story that you know isn’t believable and you can’t  put  into a  realistic situation  and not getting all of the information a crossed.( Into the woods, 2014) & (Pirates of Caribbean : The curse of the Black Pearl, 2003)

The techniques  and technology –

Voice over – The Narrator uses vocals over the visuals to set the scene and maybe to give the audience more knowledge on the storyline for them to understand why a certain camera is in this way or a location of some sort.

Idents – Text on screen shows sub titles to add context and background to the screen.

Diegetic  – In script ( Part of dialog) Written in  and this is about telling the story rather than showing it and is more descriptive which shows the voices of the characters, sounds of the objects in the story and the music used.

(Narrative Modes,No date)

Boadigital (No date)

Non – Diegetic  – it’s the narrators commentary of the story this also includes the sound effects and the music to set the mood of the certain scene.

Creating a narrative :


The aim for this task was to create a short story based on the flow chart we had learned about and the order it goes in.As most narratives usually include an opening scene which is balanced,the event that happens,which then moves on which could include violence or some tragic situation happening, a resolution to the situation which makes the audience feel more subtle and then it ends.

1 beginning

2.rising action

3. climax

4. resolution end

5. end

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-15-43-01The short story :

The Edge Of Eden

The tension in my mind building up as I walked slowly onto the red bus conscious of everyone just staring or judging me, I began to move my head slightly up just so I can see who to sit next to. It felt like my first day of school all over again. My eyes looking left and right in every direction, this was a place where all kind of generations sat upon the dusty battered seats, all of us looking for a new start to our lives and having some kind of hope in our hearts that we will one day find a home, a home that we feel safe in. As soon as I sat down tightly in a corner where the water was dripping from yesterday’s whether the bus sped off. None of us knew where we were going all we had packed with us was a small bag of important things and a little bit of hope.

If you were really there you would never think that these people have lived through horrible lives, they were smiling and laughing together as if they didn’t have a care in the world what will happen to us. Apart from one and that was me, you see I am quite a worrier especially when it comes to something sketchy like this at the end of the day I am only 17-year-old with no family with me just little old me. On my own, I could hear someone calling my name “Anais, Anais” I thought in my head, oh it’s you again, you know I said about not having any family with me at all I just missed out one person my aunt. I turned around giving her an evil look “What is with your attitude, now don’t give me that look now. You are very lucky you go on here you know not many from our village were allowed” Within that last word I could hear gun shots from outside echoing across the entirety no one had a reaction, as many say its a cruel, cruel world we live in and we are a part of it.

That was until the bus all of a sudden stopped at a halt. clanging heads onto the back of the seats. All of us wondered what was happening as we planted our faces onto the cardboard which covered the gaps in what used to be windows, trying to see through the cracks of it. The driver was waiting there impatiently in his high seat looking out at everything. A few minutes went past, Silence began to occur. As we saw slightly other Buses were moving but why weren’t ours.

A few moments went past; we were still stuck on the side of the road. This wasn’t going to be some boring story of us on a bus in the side of the road something big was about to happen that none of us expected.  It became manic. Bullets shot through the cardboard, screaming and shouting came from the front. The driver who you thought was going to save you turned the other way. He began to shout “get down on your knees now and shut up” More and more shadows appeared with guns and weapons in their bloody hands. I could closely see that there was one person in the background of the group quivering and knowing what will happen to us if we don’t do as we are told.

One man from the bus stood up surrendering from this mess but before he even had the chance, he fell down again from being shot in the head. “I told you all to be quite now didn’t I” the shadow stepped closer and closer to me so close I could feel his breathe on my face “is this the girl you were looking for?” another one said “Does it look like her?” as he pulled up an image of me to the side of my face comparing. Before I knew it they grabbed my hair and pulled it as they dragged me a crossed the floor not allowing me to stand up. I could hear in the distance my aunt crying and shouting “I can go instead you, don’t want her you want me” in a panic.

As soon as I get off the bus the screaming of the other villagers was overlapped with an explosion behind me whilst they are still dragging me along the road to their truck. I straight away knew where that sound was from as I quickly turned around seeing the bus I was on to find a new life was gone. Tears crashed from my eyes at the same time as trying not to let the shadows know I am afraid, afraid of what’s going to happen to me. They threw me in the back of the truck tied up with rope, as the truck drove off. They knocked me out unconscious. I woke up in a place that was the equivalent to hell. No words were spoken as I was carried I could see 100’s of people some who I recognised some I didn’t. All lined up behind a tall wall that no one can see over. Only the guards from each corner of the towers that were scattered around. I could still visualize what had felt like just a minute ago of the bus exploding in front of my very eyes. I still had no clue what was going on and why they wanted me. I had come to a hallway each looked like prisons one room looked like an interviewing room, a man beating another man up shouting “Do you know where Anais is” as he punched and punched again exposing the blood gushing out of his head.

I continued being carried until I couldn’t see anything, it was all pitch black with them putting a sack over my head in what just about allowed me to breathe in. The sound of footsteps immersed louder and louder. As I was exposed to a bright light that was in my face. “So Anais do you know why you are here?” I shook my head, he continued “well we do, of course you are now the lasting member of your family now since a minute ago that is as he pushes a tablet showing a video of the village I used to live in was on fire” You realize, you are our last chance in survival.” “As we have heard a few rumors you have a piece of jewelry from your grandmother that belongs to us that will allow us to survive for century’s to come. We have been watching you for many years’ child and knows your chance to hand it over”. The thing they didn’t realize is if anyone else touches this they could die. The shadow spotted it on my neck as I said to them “You can take it if you want “They were stupid enough to do that.

An emerald glow cracked from the golden round necklace as each person that surrounded me began to choke on their own venom, the burning of the skin began to fade each bone failing to stay up in place whilst each organ in the body was bursting one by one they fell to the ground. Apart from one person me, guards all tried to get in and kill me but I didn’t let that happen as I noticed in the corner next to me was a machine gun one of the shadows had carried around with them. I tried to reach it from trying to knock myself out of the chair before anyone noticed I got the gun and I had to shoot in-between my hand where I was tied up, allowing my red hands be set free. I thought to myself this was the only chance I have got in saving myself. Bullets fired one by one at whoever tried to attack me. I saw a door at the end of the corridor, I was getting ready to open it until. I saw one guard that must have been hiding I recognized him from the bus, he was the one that was quivering behind the others. I knew this was the end as soon as I heard the gun click. The noise shook the room; I was in shock I was the one that was still alive. I moved my feet to turn around to see what had happened it wasn’t me he was trying to shoot it was himself.

A tear fell again knowing what he had done in front of me was it a sign that I was next to be on death row. I ran outside looking around wanting to find someone anyone that could help me out of this place. I still didn’t know where I was all I knew it wasn’t hell anymore. It felt like the start all over again with me wanting to find some kind of hope and location I will be able to restart my life again.

No one knew who he was and why he did kill himself till this day.

I’m Anais, 17 years old and that was my story in trying to find somewhere I will feel safe in. But the truth is where in the world is safe anymore.


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