Week 4:Unit 1: w/c :10.october: Camera

During today’s task, we focused on the various shot descriptions, that we use during film whether that is showing the dialogue or showing a different emotion by that technique.

The first one is an 180-degree rule –

When doing dialogue this is one of the most important rules to show who the character is speaking too.

The 180-degree rule is only allowing the camera to go on one side of the line between the two characters because if they do the scene wouldn’t look that smooth because they would swap sides if the camera does.

  • If you do want to swap sides you have to show this by the camera going round the subject to the other side.

Over the shoulder shot –

This is to focus on the emotion and it gives the perspective of a third person which also helps the audience connect the two characters.

Reverse Shot –

This is when your using the over the shoulder shot but changes the different point of view from both characters

Match on action This focuses on the main action  of what the character does which combines with the sound  to predict the next scene.

The Next thing we had to do was create a storyboard and idea to showcase each of these shots.

We had chosen a basic idea which can easily show  the 180,over the shoulder and reverse shot. The idea was a classic seen of a rumour going round and the victim moving closer and closer until she realises a rumour that she didn’t even know was out. She got so frustrated and angry that she only wanted one way to get rid of it. By killing them.

However, we decided to come up  with a less detailed storyline with a party happening, but something takes a stern twist with a murder taking place. We used this storyline to show  three different techniques 180 degree,reverse shot and over the shoulder we thought it was a perfect storyline to use to show this.

The task  :

1st scene : When the party starts they have no clue what is about to happen to them. ( use of 180 degrees)


2. As he spots the target whilst hiding in the corner waiting for that moment to kill.(High angle)


3. Him still seeing them dance and talk until…


4. He slowly moves closer14657658_207687332988446_886949674_n

5.  Closer towards them, But why was it those girl he wanted. This shot uses an over the shoulder shot to see from a third persons point of view.14686623_207687319655114_1068748791_n

6. The reverse shot is used here to show two point of view to the scene.


7.  He begins to hold  her at hostage with a knife round her neck whilst the  others freeze in shock wondering what to do. from third person point of view


8.  Until he strangles the victim to death as friends try to stop her from dying, the murderer just smiles. (180 degree rule)screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-21-28-46

9. He vanishes within a blink of an eye all wondering why was she killed? and what has she done to deserve this? everyone was in hope she would try to live.screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-21-28-53

10. The ending of the party had stopped.



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