Week 4 : w/c :10 October Feedback and Reflection

At the start of the week I did  a research plan on the different types of cameras and lenses that many filmmakers like myself use on a daily basis. As well as finding out how a narrative is formed within a film or a TV show. How to become a cinematographer , camera man/women and what the career paths of popular  cinematographers were. We also done a task which was to show the different shots that can portray various emotions or perspectives on to the shot through creating a story and taking photos of each scene.

During the start of the week, this was one of the weeks I was looking forward to as it was camera week, in which I did enjoy for the first day. I have always been interested in camera work since I was young as my father used to be a photographer I had the influence of him. So, I found it really interesting about the different shots you use during filming to reflect the different emotion or  point of views towards the screen and onto the audience.

Now it’s at the end of the week although I had time off from the rest of the week I still have learned more things than I would have beforehand such as the different aspects in how filmmakers use narratives to project their ideas and visuals e.g. It has also made me feel more empowered and inspired. instead of using people from the cinematography world that are typically known  within media I decided to find people who aren’t as popular. However, they still contributed something to this industry.

I believe my favorite part of this week was also doing the research plan as this is practical mixed with writing which I enjoy looking into more depth about various different subjects and go into detail with reviewing or testing out the products for myself to see as well as not just relying on secondary research too.

This week I have faced a few challenges  such as adapting to the change of the storyboard for when we had created our task, this was because we had realised that it just needs to be a basic storyline rather than the one we had created beforehand which was too detailed for just showing the different types of shots we had learnt in our practical session. Another challenge was to find the right equipment that is needed to produce my primary research with such as finding the lenses and camera equipment needed, whilst found, one of the two cameras I ended up using to compare with was nearly out of battery so I felt like I didn’t take my time whilst using it instead it was rushed. However, the outcome result was still good enough to present onto a post.



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  1. Jenni marking units 2,3,4 – Carla, well done for these posts as you were poorly this week. These are really good posts, there is clear improvement in the work you are producing for the tasks – keep it up! Your reflective writing could be a little bit more in depth – but it is here, and you will get better at it.


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