Week 4 : Unit 3: W/c 10 october: How to become a Camera Man

There are so many roles within in using the camera during the media industry as these are the people who create the flow of the film or television show and brings the storyboard to life.

The career path for all roles  using a camera :

University :  This is a good way to gain connections and knowledge  for the next step after university.

Type of courses suggested : Many suggest to take something within film and tv production or photography so then you are able to know what lens is good with what type of camera you may need to use to get the right texture and framing towards the  visuals.

Courses you can take : 

University of Brighton: Moving Image BA(Hons) : 3 years :

This is surrounded with the experimentation of traditional and recent technologies that are included in the media industry and understand the history and theory side of a moving image.

Ucas(2016)Moving Image University of Brighton

Buckinghamshire New University: Film and TV Production BA(Hons): 3 years:

This is a course that will give you every aspect of film and television whether that is lighting,camera work,directing this will give you the opportunity to work in an environment where you will have people who want to do specific roles and some that don’t know yet.

Ucas(2016) Film and TV Production Buckinghamshire New University

Internship : You can always be an intern this is similar to work experience also although you won’t get paid you will still get the experience and knowledge which will enable you to build up your cv even further ready for your next application.

Apprenticeships: These are very rare however all popular television channels such as ITV,Channel 4 and BBC all offer this is one of the most popular options many try to go for this is because you get paid ,the experience and usually a qualification out of it too . rather than being an intern where you only get two of those things.

What is a camera man?

This is another word’s for a camera operator who uses a camera to film whether that is for music videos,documentaries and  the news e.g.
What is a cinematographer/ Director of photography (Dop)?

This is the role that is the controller of all of the cameras with the camera operators to they could be working in film, television production. They are responsible for the detailing of the screen so they will work closely with the director,art director, and gaffer. This is so then they the shots are produced and portrayed in the way wanted.

Camera assistant :

They are the assistants for the camera man  and the Director of photography (Dop) which helps adjust the lenses,maintaining the equipment needed for the shoot.

A career path of a famous Cinematographers: 

British Cinematographer  Frank Tidy :

British Cinematographer, Frank Tidy one who I had once met first started off his career working for stop motion in a London studio which he the continued onto to create a production company called valley films both with Roger Woodburn and Doph Peter Biziou in 1965 and continued on to be nominated for a Bafta in 1978 for the film “the duellists”

He has been the Dop for films such as (Hoodlum, 1997), (Chain reaction, 1996)  and (Under Siege,1992)

 Frank Tidy (Imdb, 2016)

(‘Tidy,Frank’, 2004)

French cinematographer Maryse Alberti :

Women Cinematographers aren’t usually credited for their work now day’s from only a few women known throughout the film industry I thought it was about time one can be credited.

Maryse Alberti , She is a French Cinematographer  who has stormed the fronts of cinematography for women. She has created her work within the united states whether that is on documentaries or independent films and has been working in the film industry for over thirty years who has won two Sundance awards and an Emmy. She never went to film school, She began being a photographer in 1982 where she then went onto the set of a film called vortex although she knew nothing about filmmaking she started off as an assistant for a cinematographer.

She has been a cinematographer for films such as  (The Wrestler, 2008)  and  her most recent film the  (Collateral Beauty, 2016)

Maryse Alberti (IMDB, 2016)

Hurtes, (2015) ‘MARYSE ALBERTI, the iconic face behind the camera

Auteur Theory (Author theory) :

This theory is about reflecting the creative vision of the director, this was introduced in the 1950s from many french directors such as one called Francois Truffaut who wanted to focus on the style of the film rather than the technical side. This theory is also about that certain directors have their own style to any film they create you know what to expect from them. For example , Director Tim Burton you straight away know what to expect from any film he may direct.Such as comparing for example (Corpse Bride,2005) and his latest (Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, 2016)  they both portray a theme of it being weird but wonderful and having that edge to any character.But he has to choose people who have the same vision and mind as him to be in the cast or crew this maybe one of the reasons why he uses actors like Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter frequently.

Stacey(2016)Auteur Theory

Video used for research :

(FilmmakerIQ.com, 2015)



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