Feedback and reflection for Week 3 w/c 03.10

How I felt at the start and end of the week :

At the beginning of the week, I couldn’t wait to learn more about sound as I have once met a foley artist it was interesting for me to try  what she does as  job. I have always been curious into finding out how they create the different sounds and which ones were created digitally or  foley artist.

Now it’s at the end of the week it has been my favourite week so far testing the different sounds through the ambient and also learning more about mise-en-scene in detail rather than last week where we just briefly touched on it.

 What I have learnt and the challenges I have faced :

I had learnt how hard it really is finding various objects to create a sound effect such as a spaceship, when searching for objects that surrounds you. However, it was very useful knowing the different polar patterns of a mic for the future when creating films and also when learning about other skills too. I did face a few challenges when recording the sound and getting used to what polar pattern is useful and to be more aware of my surroundings when recording sound.




2 thoughts on “Feedback and reflection for Week 3 w/c 03.10

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  1. Jenni – marking units 2,3,4 (late due to illness! 13.10) – Carla – excellent posts, really good, nicely detailed and well presented. Your reflective writing is exemplar – very much – well done. Please keep this up!


  2. Stephen Unit 1 Feedback-
    • This is a nice post. You demonstrate a good understanding of this week topic. However, to improve on this post, you need to work on its structure. The beginning of the post is ill-structured and does not flow logically making it difficult to follow. This improves vastly when you talk about the different polar patterns and the practical tasks.
    • Be sure to proof read your work as there are some grammatical errors.
    • You identify some interesting findings through the evaluation of your practical task and it was nice to see you explore other sounds through the Foley task. Well done.


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