Week 3:Unit 4: w/c 3/10:Theory mise en scene

What is mise en scene?

Mise en scene is quite similar to semiology this is known as everything you see on the screen such as props, costumes, and location.

How we analyse mise en scene?

This tells us who the character is and  creates more personality from a crossed the screen to the viewer, here are some examples :

Props –

Cars –

To define what era or what type of members you are to society (middle,lower or upper)

Documents –

Type of era,can give you background to the person,family or location.

Technology –

This play such an important part to the scenes this shows what genre this can be in a sci-fi so it would use futuristic technology comparison to if it was in a period drama like  if a film was based in the 1920’s  it would have a candlestick telephone rather than one that you would expect in a 2012 film with touch screen phones which will create confusion and disinterest.

Money –

This shows the era ,where the location is placed in the world and also where they are stereotyped or placed in society.

Furniture –

It is such a big part of the scene this tells us a lot about the surroundings and location e.g.


Also, there is the location this is one which straightaway catches the eye of the audience when analysing such as the type of building this shows what kind of lifestyle the character or protagonist has got. such as  if it’s in an apartment,room that’s shared or a flat.

The actors –The body language, How they look and age.

Sound –

Eery cinematic,Loud,tension, spoken word,Non-diegetic or diegetic and also  whether it is SFX or Foley Sound.

This video helped me understand more about mise en scene :

(Way too indie, 2014)

Analysing two trailers  through semiology

I had chosen one of my films to analyse called(Suffragette, 2015) and (Avatar, 2005) this was to look at the mise-en-scene or the semiology if not.

(Suffragette, 2015)

This is a 1920s based film this is shown by the language that is used and also the different types of clothing that each actor has such as some of them that fight wear clothes that are dirty and there eyes have more natural colouring and tired looking this shows how they may have been treated through the worry and anger. The classic symbols showing that it is mainly about women is from only most of the angles and shots are aimed at them more than men. The intro or colour shows it is a darker film that has a meaning rather than using bright colours that would show happiness in this case it doesn’t.

 (Movieclips Trailers,2015) 


As this is film is set into two parallel universes earth and a planet called Pandora this shows that it is a fiction film, They use very cold colours throughout the scenes during the trailer this shows it is quite a dark place and is very futuristic in one planet but not the other. From the music given it is very cinematic and fast past which creates drama to the film.This film is set in America and in the marine this shows it from the transport and clothing (camouflage).From the machinery which is for attacking the creatures  (Avatar) in the other universe . Fast pace editing during the start to show the change between a human to an avatar.

 (20th century Fox ,2009)


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