Week 2:Unit 4:w/c 26.9: Theory (Genre)

What is a Genre?

Genre,This is another word for type, in any kind of subject whether that is  a kind of car,film or television show.But for film, it is known for the different types of films that are produced for example the first genre made Film noir and popular genres like  Thriller,Horror, comedy and documentaries the list goes on and on ,as more are being produced.  Even what we used to call sub-genres are starting to be used so often that they are being included as mainstream genres too.

The expectations of genre in film :

But with these many genres become expectations whether that is from a filmmaker or audiences perspective we expect for example in a film such as the star war trilogy   you wouldn’t be able to identify the film for being a sci-fi if it didn’t have the different concepts of being  in a spaceships and the use of technology. It wouldn’t be as identifiable to the audience or what you expect to see from a film if it doesn’t have a category and for this reason,the audience will lose interest. It’s about creating a film to include certain expectations for many to know what they are watching and how to know if they like the genre or not.

Narratives you expect in a film:

Sci-fi – Fighting aliens/defending normality or parallel universes

Western – Bandits or outsiders included into scenes

Thriller – Psychological,plot twist,tension,realistic location which then gives something for the audience to relate to which creates more of a chance for the audience to feel frightened or become nervous and curious into what will happen next.

How we as an audience analyse films:

Through us the audience and filmmakers by knowing what film genres we like and dislike this is by analysing each genre and what they identify with from using a thing called mise-en-scene this is a technique in which filmmakers use to help the audience expectations as they put certain objects in a scene for a reason and they are also using iconography which  sends out a message or meaning from the screen to control how they want you to feel or think whilst watching the film. Film noir was originated from France when the American films were providing the french theatres during the Cold War (1947-1991).


Film Noir the first genre of film :

Film noir was originally created through the use of  very limited lighting,this was because the filmmakers during 1930s were making films on a low-budget, reason for creating these type of films were created during or after the war this was to use propaganda and show the public the positive side to it through using crime as the main context as most narratives were based around the war itself and what was happening but through the different characters they had introduced into films.

Film Noir (AMC,2016)…

How they created the light on a low-budget:

During those times they didn’t have the latest technology through  changing  lights and having various different kinds for certain effects so they most used the key light and backlight to create depth rather than the fill light as this would give it a more dramatic atmosphere as said before the most popular genre was to use crime in film noir. With also using objects like venation blinds which were used for creating shadows. Another thing i also noticed from film noir films was that they  only lit up certain objects for the audience to focus on rather than the whole scene.

The basics of lighting for film noir (FilmmakerIQ,No Date) …

What film showed it the most:

I watched three different films from the genre film noir each one including and showing how they created lighting during the cold war. one film that did stand out for me was  the film  Maltese Falcon (1941, John Huston) Which is a crime film shows how each scene was showing emotions  just through lighting and mostly used a design of lighting called 3 point lighting with the key light,back light and fill light.

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