Week 2: Unit 3 :w/c 26.9:How do you become a lighting engineer and what do they do?

What a lighting engineer is and does – 

A lighting engineer explains  what the role is about. however, these are the people who design the lights so how the lights will be placed,how far the will be positioned from the subject, other roles such as setting it up and also maintaining the lights too.

The lighting engineer will storyboard to know where the different lights will go and many meters there will be between each one and object to get accurate effect for what the director may want.

Career path –

Work experience 

The most important thing like any job role within the media industry is work experience, with this, you will gain more contacts,confidence and knowledge towards your job role this will then prepare you for the career you want to partake in.

Going to university –

University can be an option if you want to go further into education which gives you the connections whether that the university,students or tutors they all may have connections into the place you want to go to and of course there is gaining that skill as being a lighting engineer is a very specific role to want to do so you need to know how to set up the lighting and what light will be right for a certain scene.So, there are a lot of things to learn and consider when wanting to do a role like this.

Other options –

 Internships – There are other options such as internships and apprenticeships these both have different meanings internships this is a meaning for getting unpaid for the amount of time you will be working there for.But might be able to get a qualification, it just depends on the company that is offering it. The positives of this is to gain professional industry experience and advice.

Apprenticeships – This will be again useful for industry experience and building up your CV this is aimed at gaining a qualification whether that is a BTEC Level 3 to an masters, you do also get paid which is a bonus but the most important thing is to gain connections through any of these options.

Freelance – Freelance, is one of the most known things that people in the media industry  do instead of the above, I believe doing freelancing is a possibility if you want to do a very specific job role.However, there are always jobs available in individual companies. All i say is  get your name and you work heard.


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