Feedback and reflection for Week 2 w/c 26.9

How I felt at the start and end of the week

At the beginning of the week, I was a little unsure in how things will plan out through learning about lighting, Such as what will i learn from this or will I be disinterested in this subject as of course, everyone has their own specific subject they like and dislike.Before I started learning more about it during the week I began to find how interesting lighting works.Whether that is theory side from how a genre such as Film noir uses lighting in such a way we never do with today technology and how each piece of lighting can change or express a message or emotion in such away.

What I had learnt

My favourite part from this week has to be learning about Genre and various  lighting practical too. I believe Genre is such an important thing to learn about when you are within the media industry as you will most probably need to know what type of product you are producing and whether it will fit in with you target audience or not.Also, another thing was the lighting practicals i like it when you can explore for yourself what to do with the different techniques and produce different pieces of work to showcase what i have learnt.

The few challenges faced

During this week I did go through I few learning curves and challenges when doing the task and blog posts examples like whilst trying to upload the many examples from how to use white balance on a camera the images for some reason corrupted which meant i had to do it again.However, it was a good thing at the same time because I can practice more on how each light source  makes the lighting balanced and why it’s so important to use it. Another one of the challenges was not saving one of my blog posts, this one was about Genre and how we have different expectations for the many genres we see today.

Overall it was a really great week with a few challenges faced and a lot learned about lighting which will definitely help me along the way.


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