Week 2 : w/c 26.9:Unit 2: Research Plan (Lighting)

The main focus for this week is lighting, so for this task, we were asked to produce a research plan to find information for the subject, but only choosing one subject out of the five given  or one that we have thought of ourselves.

The different subject examples to research –

  • We had to choose one subject out of the five that we created as a group :
  • The different types of current lighting equipment available today.
  • The history of lighting within film and TV.
  • The science behind  lighting and subject terminology.
  • Film and lighting – Film Noir (the Maltese falcon Gilda).
  • The physical aspects of lighting and where it is placed in a scene or shot.

The steps for a research plan:

1. What are you going to find out?

  • The subject I had chosen was How the different types of current lighting equipment is used.
  • Questions :

    The different type of lighting

  • What each one is used for? Why?
  • Who created the first light
  • Why is this light used for shadow
  • natural lighting
  • The different tone of light to adjust the image and exposure.

2. How im going to carry out my research

Primary –

  • I’m going to  take images of the different lighting that surrounds me
  • Ask a professional on where individually the lighting is  placed.
  • Test shots on some of the lighting equipment to show examples.

Secondary –

  • Search the internet for a list of the various pieces of equipment and the uses as well as incorporating it in primary  research too, through ask a  professional’s opinion on the subject I have chosen.
  • Look in the LRC if there are any books on lighting
  • search up How the specific pieces of lighting equipment can reflect to mood/emotion on the scene and audience.
  • Why that piece of equipment is used on the location or background.
  • The different tones to change the mood or setting used with the equipment.

3. Produce the research

The types of light

Tungsten – This is a type of white balance where for example if you use this type of arri junior 650

lighting outside it will become softer and equal and which create  more blue to the light rather than orange which will then make the scene much more brighter. Which is also used in everyday lighting such as light bulbs and this is the type of source that make them light up.

Lackey, R. (2016) Let there be light- Four common types of film lights

Arri Fresnel – Tungsten Light(No name,2012)…

LED – This is one of the most popular lights known to be used in most stage, TV and film studio lighting. The reason for this is because you can alter the brightness and colour correction to the set.

Lackey, R. (2016) Let there be light- Four common types of film lights

Image result for led film light

Litepanels LED Light (No name,2012)

The various lighting equipment

Fresnel –  A Fresnel light is a soft edged spotlight in which you can have a lot of control over, and change the size of the beam that is reflected through altering the lens to move it further or closer towards a slide which is what you put on the front of the light when in use.

Primrose (2001) Types of Lantern (Accessed: 26.09.16)…

What is a fresnel (Phillips Selecon, http://www.seleconlight.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=90%3Awhat-is-a-fresnel&catid=59%3Aknowledge-bank&lang=en, no date)

Image result for fresnel light

Day led 2000 cod-302(Lupo,No date)

Flood – A flood light is one which you don’t have much control over, as this specific light doesn’t use a lens this means that you may not be able to alter the beam or shape from the reflection. However, these are good when wanting to mix colour by using gels.

Primrose (2001) Types of Lantern (Accessed: 26.09.16)…


PD500N Film and Studio flood light(PHIDA stage equipment, No date)

Profile – This is a very defined light which is able to reflect the shape of anything whether this is using shutters or cut from thin metal. The shutters act like Gobos which are to create a particular pattern or split up a beam in to two or more.


Primrose (2001) Types of Lantern (Accessed: 26.09.16)…

Par (parcan) – These are able to be produced in a arrange of different angles. The reason why a par light has the lamp, reflector and Lens in one is because of the intensity the beam gives out.


Example of a par light (Houseman,2015)…

Primrose (2001) Types of Lantern (Accessed: 26.09.16).

Birdie – This is a small piece of lighting which is used to light up smaller parts of the scene which is useful to create focus onto a certain atmosphere or object for the audience. This light can be reflected unevenly which is a cause of having less control over the piece of equipment.

Primrose (2001) Types of Lantern (Accessed: 26.09.16).

Barn doors – Although this isn’t a light this one of the main parts when using most of them for creating shapes or moving a beam in a certain angle but only can be used with a Fresnel or a pc (Pebble Convex).

Barn Door, an introduction (Lowel-Light Mfg, 2008) …

4. Write it up – what you have found (report it)

How I found the task?

Through doing this task at first I wasn’t to sure what subject to do as I wanted to know more about lighting rather than just focusing on one topic I wanted to go further and find out how they were used, what can they be used for? So then I can carry my knowledge with me. As I continued on I did in certain places find it hard to concentrate or find what exactly I was looking for. Although I didn’t use as many recourse’s as I was hoping to do I still found out most of the information needed.

Harvard reference :

Houseman.A. (2015) Example of a par light Available at: http://news.lampshoponline.com/a-quick-guide-to-fashion-runway-lighting/ (Accessed/downloaded: 27.09.16).

Jiale. (2015) 3200k / 5000K Dmx 150w Image light Led Profile Spot Light Film Studio Light. Available at: http://www.djstagelights.com/sale-7954993-3200k-5000k-dmx-150w-image-light-led-profile-spot-light-film-studio-light.html (Accessed/downloaded: 27.09.16).

Lackey, R. (2016) . Available at:https://www.cinema5d.com/common-types-of-film-lights/ (Accessed: 25.09.16).Primrose, J. (2001) Types of Lantern. Available at: http://www.theatrecrafts.com/pages/home/topics/lighting/types-of-lantern/(Accessed: 26.09.16).

Lowel-Light Mfg (2008) Barn Door, an introduction. Available at: http://lowel.tiffen.com/edu/light_controls/barndoors.html (Accessed: 29.09.16).

Lupo. (No date) Day led 2000 cod-302 Available at: http://www.lupo.it/en/tv-video/led-fresnel/dayled-2000-cod-303/ (Accessed/downloaded: 27.09.16).

No name . (2012) Litepanels LED Light . Available at: http://www.productionapprentice.com/tutorials/lighting-grip/diy-lighting-its-easier-and-cheaper-to-light-your-film-than-you-might-think/(26.09.16: date).

No name . (2012)Arri Fresnel – Tungsten Light . Available at: http://www.productionapprentice.com/tutorials/lighting-grip/diy-lighting-its-easier-and-cheaper-to-light-your-film-than-you-might-think/(26.09.16: date).

PHIDA stage equipment. (No date) PD500N Film and Studio flood light. Available at:http://www.phida.net/en/index.php?ac=article&at=read&did=327 (Accessed/downloaded: 26.09.16).

Phillips Selecon. (no date) What is a fresnel? . Available at: http://www.seleconlight.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=90%3Awhat-is-a-fresnel&catid=59%3Aknowledge-bank&lang=en (Accessed: 26.09.16).


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