Week 1: Unit 3:w/c 19.09: Skills – How to become a Director


Today we were learning about what it entails to become a Director within television or film.

What being a Director entails?

Becoming a Director is a popular  dream for many filmmakers,They’re the  visual thinkers, the creatives and  it’s a role which is known for being the face of a production for a film or television series.

They work with the producer quite a lot from preparing for the production such as gathering the camera operators,costume designers,lighting and sound e.g the reason for this is because if the producer hasn’t provided the director with the people he/she wouldn’t have a film or production crew to direct.

What skills do you need to become a director?

Many say you need  the determination and passion, to do whatever it takes  to create or promote  a film or tv show of their own.I believe those two skills are the most important because if not they won’t have the motivation to even become one.Others skills such as leadership and patience are important for  directors to gain control over the production.Confidence is something you require to put forward your ideas a crossed. It’s your reputation and Vision on the line if something does go wrong.

Things that most famous Directors have in common  –

The one that  many known Directors today,such as Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park,1993), Tim Burton (Charlie and the chocolate factory,2005 ) and James Cameron (Titanic,1997)all had in common was going to university this was so then they could meet the people who could potentially get them into the film industry as well as watching and learning about films day in and day out.

Charlie and the chocolate factory (IMDB,2005)

Another thing all these three Famous Directors  have in common is luck, I remember my tutor saying this to us,it’s about being there at the right time,getting your name heard and  keep on  consuming and practicing your skill or role you want to succeed at. Which is true, in the film industry you’re like a brand , if you work hard, know a lot about your role and the people that surround it,you will gain that respect.



A career path  of a popular Director –

The  Director from one of my two favourite films Nerve(2016) and documentary  catfish (2010),Ariel Schulman.He first started off creating films at High school. Who continued on to graduate at  NYU’s Tisch Film program  in 2004 and created a New York Production company  with Henry Joost called Supermarché, which  produced award-winning documentaries and promotional advertisements for brands like Nike and American express.He  has worked on  or created over 200 films since then.

An interview with Henry Joost and Ariel Schuman (Schuman,2010)



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