Week 1 :Unit 4: w/c: 19.9 :Semiology

The subject we had focused on was semiology today, which is known as the study of signs. Semiology is based around using certain colours, props and  locations e.g. to either set the scene, showing what each of the many characters are like and bring a message or meaning a crossed to the audience. Before you know the character’s name  you straightaway get the sense of what their personality is like this is an important thing to look at whether you are producing a film or TV show.

We then went into the semiology of colour and how certain colours such as blue, green , yellow and red are used to portray various settings or emotions towards the viewer and character. We created a table as a group to show how  each of the colours represents a different message to us.

Semiology colour Table:

Red Green Yellow Blue





































Creating a new character for the Television series, Skins  (‘Tony’, 2007)

We proceeded  to analyse the start of the television series Skins (2007) (season one,episode one) to see  how you can judge what their character may be like without them having an introduction, from the semiology that surround each character. Through this, we then had to create our own characters that would fit into the TV series and be able to describe in detail what the character should be called,the location,what they would  wear and props.

I created a character called Emma who is 18 years old.

Location –

her surroundings are mainly based in her bedroom where the walls are quite neutral where a few clothes are on the floor and her desk is very cluttered,with a laptop placed on top of their small single bed unmade.Photos of her memories stuck to the frame of her bed and wooden wardrobe.On the side of her open window seal is a packet of untouched cigarettes too.

What the character would be?

She usually wears light blue skinny jeans tucked into her blue converse with a black and white baggy striped top with her long brown hair tied back and carry’s around, her iPhone with a set of white earphones plugged into one of her ears blasting out music and  on her opposite ear is several ear piercings on the top.

I think by the description of her bedroom which is quite neutral and clothes scattered across the room I think she is quite relaxed as well as having different memories stuck on to certain pieces of furniture also shows that she is very sentimental.Furthermore, from a cigarette packet which hasn’t been open explains that her parents are not strict, about her smoking which she is most probably  not intense about as the packet is not open.

Semiology towards The Big bang Theory ( Series one :episode one)

As we were being taught about how semiology works,we had to include an example from One Tv shows first season and episode to analyse.For my tv show, I chose The Big Bang Theory as this is one of my favourite shows to watch and what is also a classic. 00:00:00- 00:03:51

Straight away in the first scene from the way Sheldon and Lennard by the way they dress such as Sheldon who is suggested to have a childlike mind from the Flash cartoon t-shirt and the checked trousers and also the language he speaks shows that he is intelligent but can be very dull through the neutral colours. Lennard on the other hand,he still has a similar look but more like he has just gone from college which makes him seem younger. On the next scene, he becomes very assertive as well as seeming like he has a job that includes science.With both of them going to the high-IQ sperm bank shows they could be running out of money somehow. In the next scene, it shows the  setting of a stairway from the flats the live in which suggests both Lennard and Sheldon aren’t that wealthy with having a caution sign on the lift which is half built.Then  the viewer gets introduced by another character, Penny from the way she is dressed she looks like a person that has just come out of university from the bright blue t-shirt this suggests  by the scattered boxes which means she is unorganised.

Here is the video:

The Big Bang Theory S01E01 (Legendado) (Lucas Souza,2014) 

(‘Piolt’, 2008)

 Harvard Referencing :

‘Piolt'(2008) The Big Bang Theory, Series 01, episode 01 . E4, 14 Feb .

‘Tony'(2007) Skins, Series 01, episode 01. Channel 4, 25 Jan.

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Skins (2007) Directed by Paul Gay [Television show]. London,Uk: E4 (Channel 4)



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