Induction week :Photo task – 14/09-16

So for this task during induction week, the aim was to collect and create a photo montage through photos that represents importance to us. Whether that is through different events or memories.

The idea behind my photo montage was to create a puzzle effect to represent how life really is.  My expression to this is that life is a puzzle whether that’s trying to create or find the missing pieces. Each of these images represent some importance or memorable moment throughout my life so far which will continuously expand. I was originally going to do this montage by hand rather than digital the reason for this was for it to be easier to create puzzle pieces through using Photoshop instead of hand cutting them out as that is my weakness anyway.

So, one of the images is of the space shuttle Atlantis. When I went to The Kennedy space center, I remember meeting some of the engineers that worked on the Atlantis space shuttle and I asked one of them How does it make you feel seeing something you have worked on be exhibited and shared with the rest of the world? One of the engineers said ” It makes me feel proud” but whilst explaining why he teared up.

Another example image is when I went to the BFI during this year and met one of the reasons why I want to do film and television, Academy award-winning Producer Simon Chinn through meeting him I also got the chance to hold the one he had won for his documentary Searching ng for sugar man. That was an incredible moment to meet one of my idols and hold an Oscar which is most filmmakers dreams.


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