Induction week 12/09/16 – 14/09/16

During this week I had to create various multimedia projects for the continuation of the induction to the Film and TV course. Such as, gathering photos from the internet that  represents who we are.

Monday Montage

Today my task was to create a mood board to describe and question to myself Who am I,the process started off with planning how it will look? and what would I include in the mood board? Then as I began to look further i found more items such as ambitions,inspirations e.g.

How each one of the  images presents who I am?

First of all is the concept for the college my main aim was to create the collage to  look as if its being projected as well as representing my passion for film and media in itself.

The next image is of New york city but in a hand,This represents my trip to New York in April 2016 which was originally one of my many dream locations  to visit and also my Universty too.

  • Philippe petit – The reason why I have included this person is because i go by one of his quotes he says “When you are a young person.The world is yours.Your can do the impossible” As well as being in one of my  favourite films called ‘The Walk’. This also relates to another image which is  a guy holding an  oscar, the reason for using this photograph was because Simon Chinn who is a producer is one of my inspirations into why I want to do documentaries and he was also the first person I had met from the film industry too.
  • The next image which relates to Simon Chinn as i met him at  the BFI film academy, I felt like this was my first accomplishment getting into the BFI itself let alone creating  a documentary for a company.
  • The BFI future film festival is one of my ambitions  to get accepted or nominated into a film festival.
  • I used the question mark as a symbol of curiosity and how most of the time I think and sometimes question too much.
  • Camera/Sunset- This is one of the main things that make me who I am through photography,as growing up I have always loved taking different images but mainly sunsets.
  • A dog sitting on a bed – Is a representation of my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel,who is almost known as the calm one that is why i have got the imagery of a bed but also through that it has the colour mint which is my favourite colour.
  • Judge Hammer – This shows one of the sides to my personality as I am quite the debate at times.
  • A shop – This is shown Because this presents my childhood, although I never lived there it was a family run business where I used to spend time a lot there.
  • World and airplane – I used both images together to show that i love traveling, seeing the different cultures and religions too.
  • Beach- This is one of my favorite beaches and this also replicates how much time i spent at the beach when I was younger spending time with family.
  • The image of Tokyo- This is one of my main and dream destination i want to visit.
  • Converse – is because it is  one of the items on the daily basis that makes up who i am.
  • The imposter – it’s one of my favourite films,it just keeps you so enticed into the whole idea of a 25-year-old taking another missing child’s identity and people actually believed the identity criminal  was their missing child .
  • The three fingers- I think that this image gives a sign of friendship and how this is one the main things that made me who i am today and will be in the future just by their influence.


Monologue Clip

Today we continued on with our homework in which we had to present for our favourite scene in a film or TV show. The next task was to create a  video Monologue about 1 minute long or more and it is of  us describing who we think we are or what makes us from the photo montage we had created yesterday.


Who am i? Collage


First of all, I planned out all of the potential locations around the college and analysing whether there will be good settings for light,background and sound so then wouldn’t be overlapped by noises.The same with the light as you don’t want to create to much grain for the camera to pick up on.

Then i went to only a few of the locations chosen around the college to do some test shots and  to see if the location will work well with what I wanted my video outcome to look like.Afterwards, we made the final decision to use this location.


Own Image

Before we went onto filming the monologue we had to figure out a rough script in what we will say to try and shorten down the time length of the video.


Here is the rough script:

I am usually a person that likes to travel a lot to look into different cultures and religion that are based from a crossed the world, one of my favorite places that I have visited is New York. I have many inspirations examples like producer Simon Chinn who I met whilst I was at the BFI and French high-wire walker Philippe Petit who had the ambition to high wire walk on top of the twin towers everyone thought it was impossible until he succeeded his dream. I believe I am quite a curious person who questions a lot of things as well as being the debater too…

The next thing I done was the production of creating the monologue the idea behind the video was to only show the shadow of our faces to represent the question Who am I? for this we improvised with creating the shadow by a torchlight instead of accessing a specialty equipment. The reason for using this idea was to explain without an identity know one will know or remember who you are. Without showing my face so it was like the guessing game in wondering who is that shadow.

I did overcome some challenges during the process of creating the monologue such as when creating the script, I found it quite difficult to interoperate and describe my college. Another challenge which was to do with the audio after recording and hoping everything will be ok for the final product the volume of the sound was to quite, in which I couldn’t do anything about as the project was about creating raw footage (unedited). Furthermore, I thought during the end of the process my video may have been too long and dragged out than originally planned this is because I used my script as an outline rather than it being detailed.

Overall creating raw footage on the spot was such a learning curve from being in front of the camera to giving more time to test footage for the sound so then it would have been in higher volume. It was very interesting to see the different side of creating another type of footage and overcoming some of the difficulties it came with it.


Here is my final project, Who am I? : Monologue




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