Induction Week :My favourite scene from a Film or Tv show

(Saving Mr Banks, 2013)

This scene is when Ginty played by Annie rose Buckley,witnesses her father breakdown for the first time. She says to her father  (Colin Farrell)”I want to be just like you” but he refuses accept and then  walks off.she runs after him until she stops,seeing him in the frame of the window gulping down alcohol in distraught.I remember watching it for the first time feeling emotional and mostly sorry for both of the characters. The message ‘Saving Mr Banks’ gives is so powerful, the difference between the start where they were both playing and having fun then all of a sudden that happiness I felt inside came crumbling down to feeling guilty but at the same time it gave me that realization too towards not just only the film but the world we live in today.

Here is the scene : 

(JohnMaverick , 2008)

Harvard Reference :

JohnMaverick (2015) Saving Mr. Banks (2013) Scene: “I want to be just like you” . Available at: 11.09.16 ).

Saving Mr Banks (2013) Directed by John Lee Hancock [Film].  Burbank, Calif: Walt Disney Pictures.



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